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Translation Resources: Translators and Translation Services

Translation Resources: Translators and Translation Services
Here you will find links to information on practically every imaginable aspect of language translation. This list of translation links was originally compiled by and is used by the kind permission of Michelle de Raaij, from her invaluable website Internet Resources for Translators, with a number of new additions.

Translators and Translation Services

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Translators and Translation Services

ProZ - Web directory for translation agencies, freelance translators, and translation outsourcers. - International database of translators and interpreters.
GoTranslators - World translation directory.
TranslatorFinder - Mailing list, Jobs and projects for translators and translation agencies. - Helping translators find better clients.
Translation Reference Center
Directory of Literary Translators
ForeignWord Translators Directory
TransWEB Database
Aquarius Tr@nslations - Dutch directory of freelancers, including translators.
Yearbook of Experts
Directory of Medical Translators
Software Builders - Translators Database
NCATA Professional Services Directory
jobs-translators - Mailing list where ONLY jobs for freelance translators may be posted.
g11njobs - Globalization Jobs - Mailing list.
U-jobs - German translation jobs mailing list.
Polish Translations - The marketplace with any offers for translations from/into Polish language. To subscribe, send an empty message to
Punjab Hindi Online - Service for Punjabi and Hindi translations.