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Translation Resources: Software

Translation Resources: Software
Here you will find links to information on practically every imaginable aspect of language translation. This list of translation links was originally compiled by and is used by the kind permission of Michelle de Raaij, from her invaluable website Internet Resources for Translators, with a number of new additions.


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Translation Software

Déjà Vu
SDLX Interactive Translation System
OmegaT - Free translation memory application written in Java
PASSOLO - Software localization tool.
Language Studio
RC-WinTrans - Translation software for Windows resource files and Windows applications.
Lingobit Localizer
ENLASO Localization Tools freeware
Resx Editor - Translator-friendly resource file editor.
Multilizer - Localization tool for different platforms.
ABBYY PDF Transformer and FineReader - PDF and ODF conversion applications.
Restorator - UI editor for Windows Programs.
Transword - Transit, Termstar, Dutch E-dictionaries.
CompleteWordCount - Free template for Microsoft 2000 and later versions.
Anycount - Automatic Word Count and Character Count Software.
PractiCount and Invoice - Word Count and Line Count Software for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, WordPerfect, HTML and PDF.
Textalyser - Online text analysis, wordcount, keyword density analyzer, prominence analysis.
Translator's Abacus - Free word count program for HTML, PDF, Microsoft Word, RTF and text files.
WebBudget - text-counting and budgeting tool for HTML files and projects.
FreeBudget - Freeware text-counting and budgeting tool for .rtf, .doc and .txt files.
Total Assistant - text-counting tool, counts the text Microsoft Office ignores. It can handle multiple files of differing formats including Word documents, HTML, Acrobat PDF, Microsoft PowerPoint and more.
Smartlink - Language and translation software for English and Russian.
Evaluation of Natural Language Processing Systems - EAGLES (Expert Advisory Group on Language Engineering Standards) EC initiative.
Search and Replace - Fast search and replace utility for Win 3.x/95/NT. Extremely useful!
PractiSearch - Freeware Web search tool.