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Translation Resources: Discussion Groups

Translation Resources: Discussion Groups
Here you will find links to information on practically every imaginable aspect of language translation. This list of translation links was originally compiled by and is used by the kind permission of Michelle de Raaij, from her invaluable website Internet Resources for Translators, with a number of new additions.

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Language-Specific Mailing Lists:
Arabic | Basque | Chinese | Dutch | French | German | Hebrew | Hungarian | Indonesian | Japanese | Nordic languages | Polish | Portuguese | Spain | Swedish | Switzerland

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Online Forums Forums - Many interesting forums for translators.
Translatortips Forums

Usenet Newsgroups


General Mailing Lists

LANTRA-L - Interpreting and translation. To subscribe, send the following e-mail message to : subscribe LANTRA-L..
Littrans - A mailing list dedicated to literary translation, from and toward any language..
I_miss_lantra - when LANTRA is down, and you suffer from withdrawal, you can subscribe to this list by sending a message to or go to this e-group's home page TRANSLAT - Discussion of theory and practice of translation. To subscribe, send the following e-mail message to subscribe TRANSLAT.
techtranslation - Technical Translators' Forum.
Interlang - A mailing list for the discussion of anything related to translation and Interpreting. To subscribe, send the command subscribe interlang as the body of an e-mail message to
GlossPost - Mailing list for the exchange of the URLs of any interesting glossaries or dictionaries found on the Internet, whether monolingual, bilingual or multilingual.
GPsearch - Discussion of Web searching strategies for translators
Gpaper- Discussion of non-Internet dictionaries and glossaries COURTINTERP-L - a mailing list for the discussion of court interpreting and legal translation. To subscribe, send the following e-mail message to SUBSCRIBE COURTINTERP-L.
The LINGUIST List - Subscription page
The Linguist Web Discussion Forum
TermXchange - Terminology exchange list.
CAT_convert - Discussion of converting files of any type for use with any translation memory system.
Payment Practices - Mailing lists for information on slow/non-paying customers.
TCR - Free e-mail list for translators to exchange payment information regarding clients.
Transcoop - Discussion list of the new International Translators' Cooperative. To subscribe, send an empty message to or go to the list's home page.

Language-Specific Mailing Lists

Tarjama - Tarjama is a mailing list for all translators working with Arabic.

ItzuL - List for Basque translators.

chinesetranslation - Chinese Translation, Interpretation, Validation, and Localization.

iNDENT - Internet list for Dutch-English Translators.
SPITS - Dutch mailing list for writers, editors, translators, etc. Subscription form on web page..
ICT-vertalers - forum waar ICT-vertalers van en naar het Nederlands elkaar helpen bij terminologievragen.
Juridisch - mailinglist voor vertalers van en naar het Nederlands voor vertaalvragen op het gebied van juridische vertalingen.
Medivert - mailinglist voor medisch vertalers van en naar het Nederlands, voor medische vertaalvragen en verwante onderwerpen .
Techvert - mailinglist voor technische vertaalvragen..
espaned - lijst voor vertalers ESPAñol <> NEDerlands.
netwerk - nieuwsgroep voor de leden van het Netwerk vertalers Italiaans - Nederlands.
VertalingenNL - op deze lijst kunnen vertalingen van en naar het Nederlands worden aangeboden..
betaalmoraal - Nederlandstalige mailinglist voor informatie over het (betaal)gedrag van opdrachtgevers op het gebied van vertalingen.

Traducteurs - List concerning French translation issues. To subscribe, send a message to
french-translation - French Translation /Traduction française.

U-forum - German mailing list for translators. To subscribe, see
U-litfor - German mailing list for literary translators. To subscribe, see

Hebtranslators - Mailing list for Hebrew translators and interpreters. To subscribe, send an empty message to or go to the list's home page.

Mfefo - Magyar Fordítók Elektronikus Fóruma. List for translators translating into Hungarian. To subscribe, send a message to or go the this e-group's home page.

Bahtera - Indonesian language and translation - To subscribe via e-mail send an empty message to

Honyaku - Mailing list for Japanese - English translators. To subscribe, send a message containing the text subscribe honyaku FIRSTNAME LASTNAME to

Nordic languages
Norskjal - Mailing list about translation and interpreting between Nordic languages, thus Danish, Norwegian, Swedish with pieces of Finnish, Faeroese, Greenlandic, Icelandic and English when in trouble.

tlum_inf - Tlumaczenia informatyczne.

por-trans - Mailing list for Portuguese translators.
Trad-Prt - Mailing list for Brazilian Portuguese translators. Subscription form on web page.

Sptranslators - Mailing list for Spanish<>English translators.
Translist - Translist is a worldwide discussion list for English/Spanish translation problems.
Medical-terminology - Discussion group for medical translators and interpreters. Languages: English - Spanish.
foro - Foro de traducción francés/español .
atp-info - Lista de discusión de la Asociación de Traductores Profesionales.

Samspråk - Group for individual translators who translate from English to Swedish or from Swedish to English.

SwissTranslation - Mailing list for translators and other language experts who deal with texts relating to Switzerland.