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Pocket Translators

Ectaco ES-400TX Spanish Electronic Pocket Dictionary
(Was $239.95, Now $189 - You Save $50)
This model is the result of the combined efforts of Ectaco's linguists, engineers and programmers, and represents the last generation of the high-performance integrated educational tools available. This bidirectional dictionary contains over 520,000 translations to and from English and Spanish, including 17,000 medical, 16,000 technical, 12,000 business, and 10,000 legal terms. Dictionary updates are available via the Internet. An unlimited voice function in English and Spanish is able to generate pronunciation of any text, and is not limited to dictionary entries. Over 1,200 commonly used and emergency phrases on 12 topics will help you feel comfortable in almost any situation in a foreign trip. Usage of this model will make your working with a foreign language easy and convenient. Just type in a few letters of a word and the dictionary will automatically display words starting with these letters. When you are unsure of the proper word's spelling, the Vector Ultima spell-checker allows you to enter the word as you hear it and to choose a spelling version from the suggestions list. The device also contains a 128 KB bilingual business organizer with a telephone directory, a scheduler, and a password security function. You may exchange data between your ES-400T and a personal computer to keep a backup copy of the your organizer data. There is also the Hangman game that will help you study English!

Ectaco Medical, Fire & Rescue SpeechGuard MD-5 for English-Spanish
On the front lines when it comes to helping those in need and providing the assistance that can make the difference between life and death, emergency workers are often hindered by the miscommunication that may arise between the people they are trying to help. In a profession where seconds count, waiting for an interpreter to arrive is rarely a viable option. Created specifically for the emergency response community, the Ectaco Medical, Fire & Rescue SpeechGuard MD-5 addresses these problems by providing a way to communicate instantly without any knowledge of a foreign language. The MD-5 understands thousands of medical, fire and rescue phrases spoken in English, and is capable of pronouncing the translations back to those you are trying to help in any language you choose. Able to contain more than 20 languages, you decide which languages you need in the unit. Then, by simply speaking into the device in English, this hands free/eyes free operational unit produces 100% understandable translations spoken by profession native-speakers. Now you have the assistance you need to make the right decision and provide the help that saves lives.

Ectaco Medical SpeechGuard MD-4s for English-Spanish
Communication is absolutely indispensable to comprehensive and effective health care. Without it both the doctor and the patient suffer and when it is a matter of moments, misunderstanding can be tragic. The new ECTACO Medical SpeechGuard helps you to be understood when there is no room for imprecision and guess-work. Not only will this powerful and sophisticated handheld assist you communicating with your patient but it will provide the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you have based your diagnosis on all the available facts. The information in this invaluable handheld is compiled from hundreds of medical reference books. It puts a library of important information in the palm of your hand and is accessible by simply touching the screen. This model recognizes English speech and pronounces translations in Spanish. You can also create a personal database of the phrases and words you find yourself using most often with the My SpeechGuard function. This unit will allow you to ask the questions you need answers to in Spanish and help you understand the response. With the Medical SpeechGuard MD-4s you now have a new diagnostic tool at your command!