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Shan Newspaper Reader
Irving Glick, Sao Tern Moeng
This reader is intended for students who have learned the basic elements of the Shan language and want to improve their proficiency and gain experience in reading natural language. The reader contains twenty-four articles, taken from issues of the newspaper Independence, published in the years 1991-1994. Each section is provided with its own vocabulary and notes. All the vocabulary entries are collected in a composite glossary. Also included is a short explanation of the Shan writing system. With one 90 min. audio cassette recording of the articles read by a native speaker. 1996, 280 pages, hardbound.
Book and cassette

Shan Phonological Drills
Eileen M. Scott, Sao Tern Moeng
This drillbook is intended for advanced students of Shan. It is designed to provide an introduction to the Shan phonological system and to provide practice in producing the sounds of Shan. With three 90-min. audio cassette recordings of selections, read by a native speaker. 1987, 221 pages, hardbound.
Book and 3 cassettes

Shan - English Dictionary
Sao Tern Moeng
This dictionary contains some 30,000 headwords and is based largely on J. N. Cushing's Shan-English Dictionary, published in Rangoon in 1881 and revised by H. W. Mix, Toungoo, in 1914. Definitions have been revised, and language of the original has been put into current American English. New words have been drawn from current Shan newspapers. Headwords are in the modern Shan alphabet which is explained in the introduction and compared with the former writing system. A short essay on Shan personal names, titles, and terms of address is included. 1995, 367 pages, hardbound.