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Passamaquoddy Dictionary
Kolusuwakonol, Philip S. LeSourd's Passamaquoddy-Maliseet and English Dictionary, edited by Robert M. Leavitt and David A. Francis. LeSourd originally issued the dictionary as a typed manuscript for the Wabnaki Bilingual Educatio Program at Indian Township, Maine. In 1984 the Pleasant Point Title IV-A Program, under the direction of Joseph A. Nicholas, expanded the dictionary and published it for teachers, elementary-school children, and other speakers and students of the language. The Micmac-Maliseet Institute at the University of New Brunswick produced an updated edition. The differences between Passamaquoddy and Maliseet are comparable to those between British and North American English, chiefly a few vocabulary words, pronunciation, and "accent." The languages closest to Passamaquoddy-Maliseet are Penobscot and Abenaki (Maine and Quebec) and Micmac (the Gaspe and Maritime Provinces, with communities in Newfoundland, northern Maine, and Boston). 184-page paperback book.