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Online Dictionaries - Persian Dictionaries

Online Dictionaries From Around The World!
Presented here is a collection of pages with links to online dictionaries in languages from all over the world, including monolingual online dictionaries, bilingual online dictionaries, online technical and specialty dictionaries, and online translation engines and hyper-dictionaries. If you find any of the links dead and you want to notify us, or if you have recommendations for another dictionary to add to the site, contact us by email at

Persian, Persian-English, and Other Dictionaries | Online Dictionaries Main Index

  Persian, Persian-English, and Other Dictionaries

Partran English to Parsi Translator - Translates text from English to Persian, with a number of different specialized dictionaries for use. Text limit of 150 words per search. Also includes online English-Persian dictionary with a number of special lexical datasets.
Ariadic Multilingual Dictionary - With dictionary translations from Persian to and from Arabic, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Swedish, with a comprehensive listing.
Steingass's A Comprehensive Persian-English Dictionary - Comprehensive and scholarly Persian-English dictionary with many search options in either Persian in transliteration or English, such as word, entry word, and multiple word search, also supports boolean operators.
Aryanpour Persian Online Dictionary - Online bilingual Persian-English dictionary, with word of the day, top 20 words, random words, a monolingual English dictionary, and a pop-up keyboard map for reference.
Farsidic Persian-English Dictionary - Bilingual Persian-English dictionary with virtual keyboard for special character entry, and choice of font in English and Persian.
Columbia University Online Persian-English Dictionary - Bilingual Persian-English dictionary with both a number of Persian fonts and graphic image representations of Persian characters, plus an ASCII representation of Persian script. Lexical content is reportedly based on, but not identical to, Aryanpours' Concise Persian-English Dictionary.
LingvoSoft Persian-English Online Dictionary - Bilingual Persian-English dictionary; site also includes a multilingual dictionary with 25 languages.
Ectaco Online Persian-English Dictionary - Persian-English bilingual dictionary; site also includes 21 other languages. Persian Dictionaries - A free Persian bilingual dictionary for many languages. Browsable online, with word searches, and downloadable data files.
Parseek English-Persian Dictionary - Simple English to Persian dictionary.
Tarjomeh English-Persian Dictionary - English to Persian word translations; also includes French-Persian and German-Persian dictionaries; also includes mobile dictionary.
Iranmehr English to Persian Dictionary - English to Persian word translation.
DorNegar English-Farsi Dictionary - Downloadable English-Persian dictionary for Windows 98/90/NT; contains more than 60,000 English words.
SaebSoft English-Persian Dictionary - Downloadable English to Persian Dictionary with extra data files available; other English data files with other languages are also available.
Wörterbuch Deutsch-Persisch - Online bilingual German-Persian dictionary with special character input for Persian (unfortunately, special characters for German aren't available for those with Anglicized keyboards). Over 120,000 entries.
Loghatnameh Persian-German Dictionary - This is a bidirectional Persian-German dictionary with over 30,000 words, with nearly 3000 example sentences, with character combinations for German characters for Anglicized keyboards.
An English-Persian Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures - Online dictionary of computer science terms categorized by letter, subject matter, area, and searchable.