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Mongolian Basic Course
This is an introductory course in the Khalka dialect of Mongolian, spoken in the Mongolian People's Republic (traditionally known as Outer Mongolia). The course, which uses the Cyrillic alphabet, consists of 24 units containing basic sentences, notes on pronunciation and grammar, short narrative material, drills, and exercises. Includes 7 CDs (6 hrs.) and a 208-page text.

Mongolian Parallel Text
William Rozycki
This reader is intended for the advanced beginner and intermediate student of modern Mongolian. It includes a grammatical sketch and contains thirty-five selections from 1992 Mongolian newspapers. Each selection includes the Mongolian text (in Cyrillic) and English translation on the facing page. Also included is an index of all Mongolian words used in the text. With two 60 min. audio cassette recordings of the articles read by a native speaker. 1994, 222 pages, hardbound.
Book and 2 cassettes

Mongolian-English / English-Mongolian Dictionary & Phrasebook
Mongolian vocabulary and phrases are given in both the Roman alphabet and the Mongolian Cyrillic script, enabling the user to pronounce words easily while becoming familiar with the script., With 3,500 total entries, bsic Mongolian grammar, travel-oriented phrases, commonsense pronunciation, and interesting and helpful cultural information. Aariimaa Baasanjav Marder was born in Ulan Bator, Mongolia. She taught Russian language and literature in Mongolia before moving to the United States in 1999.