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Introductory Lakota
Special: Was $245, now for $125!
Developed at Oglala Lakota College, this course focuses on teaching the student the sound and meaning of the Lakota language. This is a very good and complete college level audio course for the Lakota Language. This course focuses on teaching the student the sound and meaning of the Lakota language. All recordings are by native speakers. Exercises for written practice are included which use the English alphabet since Lakota was a spoken language until recently. The term "Sioux" refers to people of similar ethnic backgrounds and includes Lakota speakers (the most numerous), Dakota and Nakota Speakers. Course contents include: Lakota Sounds; Greetings & Introductions; Gender & Speech Patterns; Kinship System - Immediate Family; The Five Senses; Communications; Giving and Following Directions; Time - Days of the Week, Time Expressions, Clock Time; Months & Seasons; Colors, Money, Foods, Animals. This is the most intensive course available with 15 CDs, a 102 page text, and a final exam.
Lakota Course with 15 CDs

Reading and Writing the Lakota Language
Albert White Hat Sr.
This course includes a book and two CDs. This elementary grammar of Lakota is the first written by a native Lakota speaker, based on extensive research and pedagogy on the Rosebud Reservation. It presents the Sicangu dialect, using an orthography developed by Lakota in 1982 which is now supplanting older systems provided by linguists and missionaries. This new approach represents a powerful act of self-determination for Indian education. Though in its inclusion of conjugation, syntax, and sentence structure, it emphasizes vocabulary and pronunciation. Author Albert White Hat Sr. presents Lakota philosophy as it applies to specific grammar lessons. These examples offer new information and interpretations of Lakota spirituality and society, even to scholars who specialize in Plains cultures. Moreover, he documents the impact of the acculturation process on language, showing how Lakota evolved as a result of non-Indian influences. Beyond language instruction, readers will value the book for its cultural insights, humorous stories, and its entertaining tone.

Lakota Dictionary: Lakota-English / English-Lakota, New Comprehensive Edition
Eugene Buechel, S.J.
A Dictionary- "OIE Wowapi Wan"- of Teton Sioux
The most complete and up-to-date dictionary of Lakota available, this new edition of Eugene Buechel's classic dictionary contains over thirty thousand entries and will serve as an essential resource for everyone interested in preserving, speaking, and writing the Lakota language today. This new comprehensive edition has been reorganized to follow a standard dictionary format and offers a range of useful features: both Lakota-to-English and English-to-Lakota sections; the grouping of principal parts of verbs; the translation of all examples of Lakota word usage; the syllabification of each entry word, followed by its pronunciation; and a lucid overview of Lakota grammar. Done in cooperation with Institute of Indian Studies University of South Dakota, this dictionary has 853 pages and is considered the standard Lakota-English reference. Hardback.

Dakota Grammar: With Texts and Ethnography
Stephen R. Riggs
Originally published as Dakota Grammar, Texts and Ethnography Part III. Contributions to North American Ethnology, vol. IX. Washington , G. P. O. 1893. 111 pp. LB 1998