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Colloquial Indonesian
With Colloquial Indonesian, you can learn to speak and read Indonesian in as little as two weeks. There is no need for prior knowledge of the language. It is ideal for anyone seeking to develop a sound command of contemporary Indonesian, whether studying independently or with a teacher. The Colloquial Indonesian textbook is comprehensive, logically arranged, and easy to use. Each unit contains prose and/or conversational passages, grammar and plenty of exercises. The accompanying cassette tapes are recorded by native speakers. The package comes with two CDs and a 328 page book. Shipping weight 2 lbs.

Survival Indonesian
Tony Lapsley
This combination of a 200 page phrase booklet, three CDs (2.5 hrs.), and reference cards that help reinforce newly acquired vocabulary provides a good beginning for the traveller or beginner - with useful phrases, abundant repetition of key words, a 500 word basic vocabulary on a variety of practical topics, and native speakers recorded on CDs to help hone pronunciation.

Speak Standard Indonesian - A Beginner's Guide
This book uses a conversational approach to teach the many phrases that you will need to converse in Indonesian. The dialogs chosen help you to understand the language in a natural way: by reading and repeating. Speak Indonesian is broken into 20 chapters that teach you the dialogs and phrases of the topic covered. Topics include Oneself, Food and Restaurant, At the Office, Identifying Objects, Greetings and Leaving, Among Friends, Shopping, and more. Other features of Speak Indonesian are a glossary, notes on spelling, and notes on informal Indonesian. The author is Dr. Liaw Yock Fang of the National University of Singapore. Shipping weight 1 lb.

Making Out in Indonesian
Making Out in Indonesian may just be your most useful travel companion. Even those who speak no Indonesian at all can quickly learn hundreds of colorful, colloquial expressions that include: Lover's Language, Eating and Drinking Terms, Friendly Talk, Fighting Words, Shopping Lingo, and much more. The book includes a handy pronunciation guide, and all Indonesian phrases are given in simple phonetic romanizations. Affordable and easily slipped into a bag or pocket, Making Out in Indonesian will teach you everything you need to communicate in simple, natural Indonesian. Shipping weight 1 lb.