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German Audio Books


Die Nach hat kein Gesicht
Helmut Backhaus
A man admitted for observation to a private clinic becomes involved in a world of death, wills, and a nurse with a secret. One cassette.

Der Richter un sein Henker
Friedrich Dürrenmatt
A policeman's killer is caught and punished in a novel manner in this gripping tale. Three cassettes.

Die Spezialität des Hauses
Stanley Ellin
The macabre story of an exquisite resaurant and the special dish that hides a hair-raising secret. One cassette.

Starre Augen
Edward Wilkins
A murder implicates the former lover of the victim's wife - an architect who owns a murder weapon. One cassette.


Grieche such Griechin
Friedrich Dürrenmatt
The hilarious story of a naive young Greek who advertises for a bride and is skyrocketed to sudden prominence and riches. Three cassettes.

Wolfgang Altendorf
An amusing story of a winter vacationer who on the way to a mountain ski resort picks up a young hitchhiker who turns out to be a genuine (and uninhibited) Eskimo. Two cassettes.

Blinde Eifersucht
Marietta Becker
A young woman who cares for a rich old woman meets two men who pursue her in an atmosphere of love, lies, and intrigue. Three cassettes.