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Pocket Translators and Electronic Dictionaries - Spanish

ES-X5 English-Spanish Bidirectional Talking Translator
This bestselling bilingual system is equipped with English and Spanish speech recognition engines, and is also capable of pronouncing English and Spanish words and holds over 1,000,000 entries, including American idioms, medical, technical, legal, and business terms, as well as common and colloquial expressions. Its extensive phrase bank offers English, Spanish and German voice output allowing you to break not one, but three language barriers. This is an extremely powerful linguistic tool for those who use foreign language on a regular basis and want to communicate fluently. Some of these features include an advanced English voice synthesis delivers the pronunciation of any text, not only dictionary entries; transcription for English words is given in all dictionaries; highly efficient full-text translation with Lingvobit™ translation system; you can create your own customized editable dictionary which automatically links to the main dictionary; an additional Russian-Spanish bidirectional dictionary is included; extensive voice phrasebook with 1,100 phrases grouped into nine topics for easy navigation, and will act as your interpreter in a variety of standard situations such as shopping, banking, registering at a hotel, etc.; MorphoFinder™ function helps you find dictionary entries for English and Spanish past participles, gerunds, noun plural forms, and adjective forms; Spanish speech recognition is limited to phrasebook entries; the Accent Correction function will coach you and help you improve your pronunciation; TOEFL guide with exercises and sample tests is an important tool for English language students; learner’s cards make memorization tasks easy and quickly increase your vocabulary; and a superb organizing system. In addition, the high resolution sensory screen is easy on your eyes; multifunctional talking organizer corresponding to highest industry standards; AC adapter and PC-exchange options; purchased separately; shorthand functions for taking notes momentaril; a stylus, four replaceable batteries, a slim case for storage and carrying, a bonus CD with additional software titles, and a user manual.

Ectaco ES-400TX Spanish Electronic Pocket Dictionary
(Was $239.95, Now $189 - You Save $50)
This model is the result of the combined efforts of Ectaco's linguists, engineers and programmers, and represents the last generation of the high-performance integrated educational tools available. This bidirectional dictionary contains over 520,000 translations to and from English and Spanish, including 17,000 medical, 16,000 technical, 12,000 business, and 10,000 legal terms. Dictionary updates are available via the Internet. An unlimited voice function in English and Spanish is able to generate pronunciation of any text, and is not limited to dictionary entries. Over 1,200 commonly used and emergency phrases on 12 topics will help you feel comfortable in almost any situation in a foreign trip. Usage of this model will make your working with a foreign language easy and convenient. Just type in a few letters of a word and the dictionary will automatically display words starting with these letters. When you are unsure of the proper word's spelling, the Vector Ultima™ spell-checker allows you to enter the word as you hear it and to choose a spelling version from the suggestions list. The device also contains a 128 KB bilingual business organizer with a telephone directory, a scheduler, and a password security function. You may exchange data between your ES-400T and a personal computer to keep a backup copy of the your organizer data. There is also the Hangman game that will help you study English!