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Language Tutor English-Russian ER-X5

Electronic dictionaries are a great resource - a must - for business people, travelers, and students. Most included dictionaries have outstanding vocabularies, built-in organizers, currency and metric converters, lists of idioms, irregular verbs, spell-checkers, and much more.

Language Tutor English-Russian ER-X5

Language Tutor English-Russian ER-X5

The ER_X5 is the first-ever Electronic Translator that understands you! Using the unique technology of speech recognition, it translates phrases from Russian into English. Moreover, the X5 translates texts from English into Russian and vice versa. This translator includes a basic English-Russian bi-directional dictionary of more than 1,000,000 words includes American idioms, medical, technical, legal and business terms as well as common expressions and slang.; an English language explanatory dictionary (the transcription for English words is included in all dictionaries) and an English-German bi-directional dictionary.; and a unique speech recognition technology that allows it to recognize the Russian phrases included in the Tourist Phrase Book. Once recognized, the phrase is translated into English and pronounced aloud.

The X5 can pronounce any word or phrase in English, and the X5 main English-Russian dictionary has expansion capability. The phrase book includes more than 1100 phrases grouped by topic, in 7 languages: English, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. This model features the Interactive English Language Tutor function. It is an extremely powerful linguistic tool for those who use foreign languages on regular basis and need to communicate fluently. It contains placement test, interactive study, practice, extensive reference material, grammar and illustrated grammar book. Lessons material is stored on the special English Language Tutor card. The English language Accent Correction section is also based on speech recognition technology.

The X5 recognizes English phrases, compares the pronunciation with the standard and evaluates it (Excellent, Good or Poor). The English language learning section includes an electronic English grammar book, a comprehensive TOEFL guide with sample tests and instant evaluation, a list of English irregular verbs and a "Learning Cards" (flash cards) section for easy vocabulary learning. The Accent Correction section gives you a unique opportunity to improve your English pronunciation.

    Features and Accessories:
  • Downloadable Professional Dictionaries
  • Organizer: Business and personal directories, electronic notepad with "one-touch" search with the option of sending documents by e-mail or fax
  • Scheduler with memo option supports data exchange with PC;
  • Clock, World Time, Currency conversion, Metric conversion, Calculator
  • Calendar with a list of important dates
  • shorthand writing option, drawing-board for small drafts or drawings with the option of sending them by fax.
  • Traveler's guide
  • horoscope, game center with four most popular games
  • US Citizenship Exam
  • math and graphic calculator, personal account manager, calculator, math formulas
  • currency & metric conversion
  • English names database, clothes and footwear sizes
  • option of uploading text files
  • Flash cards will make memorization tasks easy and will work to quickly expand your vocabulary
  • AAA batteries
  • Size (in) / 6.6"x3.9"x.9"
  • Gifts: 110V Power Adapter and ML350 ($100.00 value).
  • One-year warranty
  • This unit comes with English/Russian dictionary software CD ($50 value).