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Pocket Translators and Electronic Dictionaries - Italian

Ectaco Partner EI850 Deluxe
English <-> Italian Talking Electronic Dictionary, Audio PhraseBook and Handheld Scanner
Need a fast translation you can't find anywhere else? With the included Ectaco/C-pen Handheld Scanner you can now grab entire texts from wherever you find them - in a book or newspaper, on a prescription, even from a poster on the subway wall - scan it, instantly upload it and get a translation into your chosen language immediately! Using the latest Full Text Translation modules you will now be able to translate even longer texts easily and accurately! In addition, with the help of the included mini-USB to USB adapter and ECTACO software (sold separately) you can use the Ectaco/C-Pen to import image data to any desktop or laptop PC for further recognition. If that weren't enough, you have access to a complete dictionary filled with more than 510,000 words you can look up instantly if you're having trouble. And don't forget that there's also a section containing thousands of pre-recorded phrases that can be spoken aloud using fluent native-speaker voice narration. Opening a book and studying words for hours on end sometimes just won't cut it. But with a little help and a push in the right direction, learning an entire language can be accomplished in no time! The Language Teacher gradually builds up your vocabulary and pronunciation through lessons and quizzes you can take at your own pace. It even shows the percentage of how many lessons you have completed and how well you're doing. It's like having your own personal private tutor; the Language Teacher section speaks to you using fluent native-language voice narration giving you step by step instructions, quizzes, and pronunciation help so you can start speaking correctly in no time at all! Combining words, pictures, and lessons, you talk into the translator and it tells you if you're pronouncing the words or phrases correctly and then actually shows you how to say them, so you'll learn through speaking and listening at the same time. With 14,000 phrases, there's nothing you can't say! Just select a category, press the 'Say' button and the translator will recognize your phrase and give you a full translation which can then be pronounced fluently in that language.

EI800 Italian Dictionary and Travel Audio PhraseBook
The Ectaco Partner Dictionary and Travel Audio PhraseBook EI800 is a powerful bilingual travel companion. One of the most impressive language management handhelds available anywhere, it is the clear leader in the field of portable translation devices. With its state-of-the-art voice capabilities and sleek modern design featuring a hi-res color touch-screen, it is our most popular model. This one-of-a-kind device includes a sophisticated speaker independent speech recognition system that lets it understand what is said to it in English with crystal-clear, professionally narrated native-speaker voice output for both English and Bengali in the PhraseBook. Providing frequent travelers and students alike with plenty of learning and communication options, this extraordinary Audio Travel PhraseBook also includes a massive bi-directional translating dictionary. With more than 450,000 entries, this extraordinary resource features a huge vocabulary and includes cutting edge English voice synthesis powered by the latest TTS (Text-to-Speech) technology among its collection of essential tools. Built to help users feel confident and relaxed when using a second language, the EI800 is intelligent, flexible and quick to respond. This latest-generation handheld is full to capacity with valuable information and indispensable utilities that help you to make the most of your foreign language skills whether traveling, studying or conducting business. Power is supplied by rechargeable battery or AC/DC adapter (both included in the standard package) by AC/DC adapter and rechargeable battery (all included in the standard package).

Ectaco Partner XL-1500 Multilingual Talking Dictionary
Featuring an absolutely unique combination of language pairs and voice output capabilities, it is the only handheld dictionary to contain synthesized TTS (text-to-speech) functionality in English, Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish within the same device. A giant leap forward for modern electronic translation, the ECTACO Partner XL-1500 Multilingual Talking Dictionary is absolutely one-of-a-kind. Never before has it been so easy to communicate in so many languages. Thanks to its advanced synthesized voice output capabilities, the Partner XL-1500 makes traveling almost anywhere in the world enjoyable and all your communication effective. Its ability to speak translations aloud using the latest TTS modules lets it act as your own personal language assistant and interpreter. With an astonishing vocabulary database of over 3,367,000 words, you will always find something to say. And the inclusion of a 14-topic phrasebook containing travel-related words and phrases means that it can also speak 31,000 phrases in 15 languages to help get your message across in almost any situation. All the features are accessed via an intelligent, user-friendly interface and are located quickly using the fastest and smartest search functions yet deployed. Exceptionally powerful, effective, and affordable, the Partner XL-1500 is the first choice for outstanding international communication.

Lingo Pacifica Talk - TR2203
The Lingo Pacifica Talk is a handy interpretation tool that gives translations in ten languages: English, German, French, Italian , Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, and Korean, with accents for each language. With 200,000 words and 23,000 useful phrases, this dictionary teaches you how to pronounce foreign words properly, so you can make sure your messages are understood. It displays foreign language characters, shows you phonetically how to pronounce the character combinations in your own language, and then pronounces them for you at the touch of a button. Some of other features are its superb sound quality, with a large backlit LCD display; earphone and volume control for private listening; a sentence translation function, allowing you to translate whole sentences and speak the translated text back to you; metric and currency converters, world time, and alarm clock, a talking calculator, auto power-off, and contrast control.