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Hungarian Electronic Dictionaries - Lingo Super1010

Electronic dictionaries are a great resource - a must - for businesspeople, travelers, and students. All included dictionaries have outstanding vocabularies, built-in organizers, currency and metric converters, lists of idioms, irregular verbs, spell-checkers, and much more.

Lingo Super1010 Electronic Dictionary

Lingo Super1010

The Lingo Super1010 is an updated and improved version of the Lingo 10 Talk. This new model has over 200,000 words and 23,000 useful phrases. This translator translates into foreign language characters and shows you phonetically how to pronounce the characters in your own language, and then pronounces them for you at the touch of a button - you no longer have to learn a foreign alphabet in order to converse in that language! It translates in all directions for the following languages: Arabic, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Hungarian, Greek, and Turkish. year warranty.

The Super1010 has clear sound quality as well as a backlit large 4-line easy-to-read LCD display for your comfort and convenience. You can also use the included earphone and volume control for private listening. Equipped with a powerful Databank, it allows you to store all of your appointments, telephone numbers, addresses and memos. The 8 Metric and 8 currency features and the Euro Converter are handy tools for the frequent traveler or business person. This translator also has world time for over 200 cities and a very accurate alarm feature. It weighs 5.5 ounces and is small enough to fit into your shirt/pants pocket or purse, and has an easy to use QWERTY keyboard. Other features include a 12-digit calculator, auto power off, contrast control, and many more convenient features. A soft carrying leatherette pouch and 3 AAA batteries are included; it comes with a one year warranty.

Lingo Super1010 Electronic Dictionary

Technical Specification
 Vocabulary 200,000
 Voice function eng/arab/fren/germ/greek/hung/ital/span/russ/turk
 Electronic organizer 32K
 Exchange data with PC
 Display backlit 4-line LCD
 Electronic grammar book
 Advanced word recognition
 Instant reverse translation
 Spell checker
 Commonly-used and emergency phrases 23,000
 Irregular verbs
 New word recording
 Exchange data between dictionaries
 Games 1
 Engineering calculator
 Math calculator
 Daily Alarm
 World time
 Currency conversion
 Metric conversion
 Size 4.5x3x.8 inches
 External power jack for non-battery operation