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Language Teacher EH200D Hebrew-English Electronic Dictionary

Language Teacher® electronic dictionaries are a great resource - a must - for businesspeople, travelers, and students. All included dictionaries have outstanding vocabularies, built-in organizers, currency and metric converters, lists of idioms, irregular verbs, spell-checkers, and much more. Language Teacher® is your key to a new world of opportunity!

Language Teacher EH200D Hebrew-English Electronic Dictionary

Language Teacher EH200D Hebrew-English Electronic Dictionary

This versatile English-Hebrew bidirectional electronic dictionary includes an extensive dictionary, with common idioms and useful phrases, which makes it a great learning tool and affordable language learning solution. It has a main vocabulary of over 450,000 words, including general words and medical, technical, legal, business terms, and slang, a new words recording function for dictionary expansion, with instant reverse translation. The Vector Ultima™ spell-checker allows you to enter words as you hear them and pick a spelling choice from the suggestion list. It includes a universal organizer, synchronized with math calculator, business scheduler, and a calendar comply to highest industry standards. Also included are a 4-line lcd display, American idioms, 1,000 commonly used and emergency phrases, 1 word game, clock, world time, currency conversion, metric conversion, with a size in millimeters of 135x85x12.

Technical Specification
 Vocabulary 450,000
 Voice function none
 Electronic organizer 128
 Exchange data with PC
 Display 4 lines/graph
 Electronic grammar book
 Grammar book
 Advanced word recognition
 Instant reverse translation
 Spell checker
 Idioms 200
 Commonly-used and emergency phrases 1000
 Word reference book
 Irregular verbs
 New word recording
 Exchange data between dictionaries
 Games 2
 Engineering calculator
 Math calculator
 World time
 Currency conversion
 Metric conversion
 Size 135x85x12 mm
5.3x2.3x0.5 in
 External power jack for non-battery operation