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Pocket Translators and Electronic Dictionaries - Chinese

Besta CD737P 2-Way Chinese<->English Sentence Translator Electronic Dictionary
The Besta CD737P is a color electronic dictionary which offers built-in English->Chinese (or Mandarin) and Chinese-> English two-way sentence translation. You can type in English in sentence and it will translate it into Chinese (display & speak out for you). You can write Chinese in sentence and CD737P will translate it in English (display & speak out for you too). Whenever there are uncertain words, information can be found promptly and conveniently by cross-searching Oxford English->Chinese, Chinese->English or Chinese dictionary (size up to ~600,000 words).

Besta CD368 English-Chinese Sentence Translation Electronic Dictionary
The new Besta CD368 provides: Sentence Translation and Smart Comparisons and is excellent reference tool for English/Chinese learning or translations. English Chinese Dictionary with approx. 290,000 searchable words or phrases. Latest version of the reputable Oxford Advanced Learner's English-Chinese Dictionary. It contains 130,000 human voice example sentence recordings for English/Chinese/Oxford dictionaries. Phonetic Symbol, K.K and D.J English phonetic courses.

AM99 English/Chinese Talking Electronic Translator
The AM99 Electronic Handheld Chinese English Dictionary translates English words to Chinese (followed by Pin-Yin) and gives pronunciations with an authentic Mandarin Chinese voice (it can pronounce in an English voice too), and is specially designed for English speakers to learn Chinese. It contains the following dictionaries: English to Chinese (Basic), extended bi-directional English/Chinese dictionary, Chinese to English, five subject dictionaries and more.