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Pocket Translators and Electronic Dictionaries - Arabic

Ectaco Speech-to-Speech Military SpeechGuard GI-4a for English-Arabic
Military operations can be full of personal danger and the pressure to get the job done can be immense. The Military SpeechGuard can help reduce the stress of trying to communicate with captives and foreign allies alike and have you communicating easily in no time at all. Recognizing thousands of English phrases, its clear voice output in Tagalog can be easily heard using its built-in speaker or connected to an external amplifier to help get your message across no matter what the conditions. Its patented My SpeechGuard section allows you to add new entries and make notes of frequently used phrases from the databank. A high-quality back-lit touch screen provides ease of use in situations where the light conditions may be less than optimal. Tough, rugged and tireless, this unit is powered by a rechargeable Li-Polymer battery, is both dust and water resistant and provides you with everything you need in your effort to communicate. Now you have another weapon in your arsenal to combat miscommunication, save lives and win the war!

EA800 Arabic Dictionary and Travel Audio PhraseBook
The Ectaco Partner Dictionary and Travel Audio PhraseBook EA800 is a powerful bilingual travel companion. One of the most impressive language management handhelds available anywhere, it is the clear leader in the field of portable translation devices. With its state-of-the-art voice capabilities and sleek modern design featuring a hi-res color touch-screen, it is our most popular model. This one-of-a-kind device includes a sophisticated speaker independent speech recognition system that lets it understand what is said to it in English with crystal-clear, professionally narrated native-speaker voice output for both English and Arabic in the PhraseBook. Providing frequent travelers and students alike with plenty of learning and communication options, this extraordinary Audio Travel PhraseBook also includes a massive bi-directional translating dictionary. With more than 670,000 entries, this extraordinary resource features a huge vocabulary and includes cutting edge English voice synthesis powered by the latest TTS (Text-to-Speech) technology among its collection of essential tools. Built to help users feel confident and relaxed when using a second language, the EA800 is intelligent, flexible and quick to respond. This latest-generation handheld is full to capacity with valuable information and indispensable utilities that help you to make the most of your foreign language skills whether traveling, studying or conducting business. Power is supplied by rechargeable battery or AC/DC adapter (both included in the standard package) by AC/DC adapter and rechargeable battery (all included in the standard package).

Al-Mawrid Talking Dictionary BAS-1875
The BAS-1875 is the official authorized Arabic/English dictionary in the United Nations, and is aimed at Arabic speakers who wish to communicate in the English language. It is capable of pronouncing any word in English, with spelling correction in both languages, a complete English grammar guide; and conversation sentences that cover daily activities. The lexical dataset contains the whole text of Al-Mawrid Dictionaries (English/Arabic and Arabic/English), with an estimated 50 million definitions; the original text was composed by Scholar Munir Al-Baalbaki and Dr. Rohi Al-Baalbaki. It also contains the Merriam Webster English dictionary and the Larousse Concise French-English dictionary. It is easy to use, with an enlarged screen that uses icons for easy access of functionionality, with a completely integrated bilingual organizer (128 kb), enlarged references to cover the human body and historical figures, valuable information about the TOEFL examination, calculator and conversion for main measurements and currencies, a complete reference covering geographical, astronomical, and chemical information with major cities, area codes, and chronological time zones, and Hijri and Gregorian calendars with conversion. There is a Help Menu (how to use BookMan step by step), and it is Expandable by means of Bookman Cards which can be added to the unit (with 1 Bookman slots).The package includes PC-Link which is compatible with all Window platforms and can be connected to the internet for 1000's additonal titles (kit included), and also contains the MobiPocket Reader, which allows the users to download eNews from the website to the device thru BBC sites on the internet. Comes with a One-year warranty and is Powered by 2 AAA batteries (included).

OAS-1850 Arabic-English Speaking Dictionary
The OAS-1850 Speaking Dictionary contains a complete translation of the English Oxford Student's dictionary into Arabic, plus the entire contents of Academia Scientific Trilingual Encyclopedia (English/Arabic/French) which covers 13 dictionaries (Optics, Biology, Chemistry, Energy, Engineering, Medicine, Electronics, Computer, Geology, Physics, Math, Acoustics, Water). It is perfect for students of Arabic who already have a basic understanding of the language. Other features include a personal organizer and calculator. It also comes with a grammar guide, and has a built in academic scientific encyclopedia, and also has four games: Hangman, Guess the word, Word Train and Flash Cards. Also contains Users dictionary (ability of adding more words to dictionary); perfect speech with phonetic descriptions; bilingual data bank Arabic/English (ability of adding telephone numbers, address); calculator with multi-functions & digital clock; Metric system & Currency conversions; English & Arabic phrases to be used in daily life; Educational word games; adjustable font size for English only; password protection & backlight system; complete Gregorian & Hijri calendar; Grammar Guide for English language; inflections for English language (word, verb, noun); spell checker Arabic/English; expandable by means of Bookman Cards which can be added to the unit (with 1 Bookman slots); size: 5 5/8 x 3 7/8 x 5/8 in Weight: 6.7 oz; 2 AAA batteries required (included); one-year Warranty.