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Ebooks in Chinese: Electronic Books Online: Public Domain Texts

Ebooks in Chinese: Electronic Books Online: Public Domain Texts
Ebooks were one of the first flowerings of the WWW, and made good on its potential to be a universal library. With so many public domain texts in existence, there is no reason why anyone, anywhere, cannot have access to the entire heritage of world literature and learning in all languages. We are here presenting electronic books and texts in various formats that are either in the public domain or have been freely offered for use.

Chinese Ebooks | Ebook Index

Chinese Ebooks: Electronic Books and Literature Online

Project Gutenberg: Browse By Language: Chinese
Project Gutenberg was the original ebook project and catalog on the web, starting well before the advent of the WWW, and paralleling the Free Software Foundation in its goals and values. It is still the largest collection of ebooks, all available in plain text and HTML, as well Plucker formats for handhelds, and in audiobook formats as well (MP3, Ogg, etc.) in a variety of languages.

Archive of Chinese Teaching Materials
A respository of materials suitable for the advanced student or for the teacher, focusing on Chinese basics, drama, essays, online resources, novels, prose, and miscellaneous texts.
Baiyun Library
A collection of various readings including modern and classical literature; the page is entirely in Chinese.
Classical Chinese Literature
This site contains Chinese classics with each character hyperlinked to its definition and etymology. No Chinese software is necessary - characters are displayed as images. Links to English translations are included for most works.
Classical Chinese Poetry
Classics of Chinese poetry, in various formats: GIF, PDF, Big5, and GB.
Chinese Literature : An Annotated Directory of Internet Resources
An annotated directory of Internet resources on Chinese literature: authors; classic works; literary journals; text databases; Nobel laureate Gao Xingjian; Western authors on China.
Chinese Literature Classics
Classics of Chinese literature, in various formats: GIF, PDF, Big5, and GB.
Chinese Reading World
Readings at beginning and intermediate levels, shown in HTML and GB format (which requires a special viewer), accompanied by audio files and other features.
Chinese Text Initiative
E-texts of classical Chinese literature in Big5 format, from the University of Virginia.
A Chinese Text Sampler
An annotated collection of digitized Chinese texts, intended as a resource for students of written Chinese from the advanced beginner level onward. The selections represent a wide range of periods and genres, but all are well known in modern-day China and worth reading in their own right. Each text can be displayed in your browser window or downloaded for use with Chinese text reading and dictionary software.
Comic Strips of Chinese Literature
This site presents a number of classic pieces of Chinese literature with an English text translation and an accompanying Chinese painting, much in the spirit of a graphic novel.
Hanquan Database of Ancient Texts
A searchable database of Chinese classical texts including the 13 Classics, pre-Qin philosophers, complete Tang poems, & the 25 Histories.
Humor Stories
Humorous stories in Chinese from the University of Southern California,
Index and Database on Chinese Writers
A comprehensive database, listing authors and translators of Chinese literature.
Literature in Line: Lianhuanhua Picture Stories From China
This exhibition, curated by Kuiyi Shen and Julia F. Andrews, with the assistance of the Shanghai People's Art Publishing House, displays original drawings for fourteen lianhuanhua produced in Shanghai between 1950 and 1985, along with examples of illustrated books published in Shanghai between the late nineteenth century and the present decade.
Lu Xun Home Page
Complete texts and analyses of Lu Xun's writings, with a biographical account of his life and work.
The Mid-Autumn Festival
A set of readings at an intermediate level with online exercises about a Chinese cultural theme.
Modern Chinese Literature Resources: Etexts
Unicode Chinese-enabled web browsers are needed to read the Chinese text. Unless otherwise indicated, texts are in GB format.
Progressive Reading
The reading materials of the same topics are written for the learners at various levels. The vocabulary and grammar used for writing match the learners' proficiency levels.
Stories of Chinese Idioms and Proverbs
Stories of Chinese idioms and proverbs, from the University of Southern California.
Twelve Hours Later
A blog commentary on current literature from China, with Chinese SF, fantasy, and mainstream fiction. In English.