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Welcome to the Music downloads page, featuring downloads of music in MP3, Flac, and WAV format, for listening anywhere! If you have any questions or can't find what you need, please e-mail us at .
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Fred Jorge E Os Maiorais
Music Files in WAV format - pure CD-Audio quality Sound!
Fred Jorge e os Maiorais are authentic representatives of the new black music of Brazil.Soul music, classic funk, samba, afrobeat and hip hop are the ingredients of the mixture that results in a unique sound, dancing and swinging in the style of Brazilian samba-soul masters created by Tim Maia, Cassiano, Jorge Ben Jor, and Gerson King Combo Banda Black Rio. This mix of styles can be seen on the first CD, released independently and special appearances by great musicians. In 2010 the band celebrates ten years on the road, with lots of stories to tell.Over nearly a decade, the group has shared the stage with important names of Brazilian music, as the band Funk Como Le Gusta and master Jorge Ben Jor.

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Brazil: Sambossica 3
Music Files in WAV format - pure CD-Audio quality Sound!
Afro:Baile Records has released the new album, by label founder DJ Seduce, titled Brazil: Sambossica 3. The new album was released online and at retailers nationwide on March 14th and worldwide released on March 21st 2011. The newest album is the 3rd installment in the signature Sambossica series of compilations, where elements of Samba + Bossa Nova + Electronica = Sambossica. Together, these styles incorporate the various sounds of Jazz, Funk, Soul and Drum Beats while showcasing an arrangement of amazing voices, dance grooves, party anthems and political songwriting; all giving a wide range of versatility on this new album. The 12 song album is DJ Seduce' 4th release on the Afro:Baile label. This unique collection of DJ Seduce' digging through the crates mentality track list comes from a defining era in Brazil's musical and cultural history. All tracks featured derive from independent artists who are helping develop the Now Sound of Brazilian culture from various regions including Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Bahia & more. Brazil:Sambossica 3 offers both classic samba and the African influenced samba-soul & funk associated with more traditional Afro-Brazilian world music. All the musicians on Brazil: Sambossica 3 are proving to be the next generation of outstanding Brazilian artists, and Afro:Baile Records has paved the way for the continued success of this emerging and entertaining musical genre.