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Let's Talk Chickasaw CD
This "listen & repeat" method of learning has been proven in schools, universities and language programs all over the world. It is the quickest and surest method of learning how to speak a language. In these lessons, you'll be given words and phrases by three Chickasaw speakers; Yvonne Alberson, Jerry Imotchey and Carlin Thompson. All three spoke their language first and understand the importance of retaining their language, culture and heritage. Learn basic greetings, how to ask directions, food words, relationship terms and animals names, plus many useful phrases. One audio CD.

Chickasaw Talking Dictionary CD-ROM
Over 7000 words compiled by Rev. Jesse and Vinnie May Humes. This CD-ROM was made from the original audio-tapes recorded by Vinnie May when the dictionary was first printed. The tapes were discovered in an old cardboard box after the death of Vinnie May in 1996. The tapes are now housed in the Chickasaw Museum in Tishomingo, Oklahoma. The dictionary book was first published in 1973 by the Chickasaw Nation.

Chickasaw Social Songs & Stomp Dances CD
The culture and heritage of the Chickasaw Nation and its people are beautifully unique. They capture the spirit and vitality of our people as they once were and hope to be. This music on CD is an effort to preserve the songs dances and traditional practices of our ancestors, so that those who come after us will also have an appreciation of what it means to be Chickasaw. The singing and shell shaking is by the Chickasaw Nation Dance Troupe. Songs include: Jump Dance, Friendship Dance, War Dance, Long Dance, plus 6 more.