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Teacher's Supplement to Introduction to Cherokee Language Program
These programs contains additional materials for teachers using the Introduction to Cherokee program. These supplement packages were developed by Gregg Howard while he was teaching Cherokee classes at Eastfield College, Texas A&M, and other locations. Over thirty pages of information include grammar notes, tips for language learners, and learning exercises. Shipping weight 1 lb.

Intermediate Cherokee Language Series
This five module CD program takes you from the Introduction to Cherokee program through five intermediate programs in one large ring binder. This is the only Intermediate program available today! Listening to the voices of Cherokee speakers and following the exercises, you'll learn more about the Cherokee verb, Set A and Set B pronoun prefixes, subject-object prefixes, family and relationship terms, body parts, both singular and plural, many useful phrases, verb conjugations, and translation exercises with poetry by Robert Conley. If you're serious about learning to speak Cherokee, this book should be in your library.

Beginning Cherokee
Ruth Bradley Holmes and Betty Sharp Smith
Recent increased interest has produced a demand for Amerindian courses. Many Cherokees who ignored past opportunies to learn their language from their families are now regretting their loss. Those who do not have time for organized study would often like to have a convenient source book on the Cherokee language and its syllabary. Beginning Cherokee was written to fill these needs. This book, the first of it's kind, teaches the rudiments of Cherokee, which is the native tongue of about 20,000 Americans, although most of those who speak it use it only as a second language. Cherokee has had several recognized dialects in the past. The two main dialects today are the North Carolina and the Oklahoma; this book uses the Oklahoma dialect. It will help everyone, whether Cherokee or not, to understand that Indian people are contemporary people with an enduring heritage. The Cherokee language frames an outlook and an intellect that can contribute much to civilization in the future, as it has in the past. The package comes as a book with two audio CDs.

Cherokee Language Coach CDs
Ever wish you had a Cherokee speaker with you at all times? Of course! That would be great! Well, now it's possible. With the Introduction to Cherokee program with Sam Hider you learn how to read and write the language. With the Language Coach, you learn how to speak and use the language. With each CD in this series, you get three 25 minute "Listen & Repeat" programs. CD 1 covers Lesson #1, with phrases such as I know, I don't know, I understand, I don't understand, Please help me, and other phrases you may need when you're just getting started learning the language; Lesson #2: Hungry? Lost? Looking for a hospital? a police station? We give you the "Where can I find" questions along with words for restaurant, restroom, police station, hospital, etc; and Lesson #3: Now that you've found a restaurant, how do you ask for something to eat? In this program, we give you the phrases for asking for food. There are specific phrases to use when asking for things. You'll learn how to use the proper phrase easily and quickly. CD 2 covers Lesson #4: teaches "Table Conversations" and contains phrases such as Let's all eat, Pass me the meat, the bread, This is delicious, I'd like some soup, etc.; Lesson #5: takes you on a shopping trip and teaches you how to say I'd like to buy something, How much? That's too much, and Charge it, please. All the things you'd say when shopping for something; and Lesson #6: begins teaching you the names for head, arm, leg, finger, body, nose, - the body terms in Cherokee. Learn how to say My arm hurts, and I have a headache.
Both CDs