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Reference and Books

A Comparative Reference Grammar of Bosnian / Croatian / Serbian
Danko Sipka
This grammar is laid out as a comprehensive yet user-friendly reference for beginning to intermediate English learners. The basic grammar text gives rules in a form of decision-trees, tables and figures. Longer lists of exceptions are provided in the appendices. Most sections are divided into a structural description and a contrastive section. Features that contrast with english are elaborated in detail. Along with the sections containing grammatical information in a narrower sense (phonology with prosody, inflectional and lexical morphology, syntax), the grammar contains practical metagrammatical information such as that on the orthography and the use of pragmatic operators, which the learner will need in everyday communication. Main differences between standard and substandard grammatical forms are also provided. Three principal theoretical approaches deployed in the grammar include minimal information grammar, the application of decision theory in modeling language structures, and cognitive linguistics. They were used in the first stage of preparing the text, followed by the application of a user friendly interface. An overarching goal of this grammar is to equip its users with the heuristics which will enable a swift learning process and easy solutions to any problem in the use of the language. 2007, 740 pages, hardbound.

Concise Bosnian-English / English-Bosnian Dictionary
This is the only dictionary reflecting the daily use of language in modern-day Bosnia and Herzegovina, with phonetic pronunciation guides for both languages. This dictionary can be used by Bosnians, Serbs, and Croats who are learning the English language as well as English-speaking travelers or business people. The author is a native of Sarajevo. 8,500 entries. 331 pages. Paperback. Shipping weight 1 lb.

Dictionary of Serbian, Croatian, and Bosnian New Words
Danko Sipka
This dictionary of some 5,000 entries attempts to document new terms that have come into general usage in the 1990ís, i.e., after the publication of the two most reliable existing sources, Morton Benson 1991 and Milan Drvodelic 1989. The dictionary includes terms from the three major forms of the language, Serbian, Croatian, and Bosnian Muslim. It is intended to serve advanced professional English speaking Serbian linguists to assist them in reading recent Serbo-Croatian texts, particularly texts of a technical or specialized character. 2002, 180 pages, hardbound.