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Reference and Books

Basque to English Dictionary
by Gorka Aulestia
This hardcover dictionary has large, readable print. 558 pages. This newly published dictionary includes nearly 50,000 entries and thoroughly covers the six predominant Basque dialects: Biscayan, Guipuzcoan, Labourdin, Low Navarrese, Zuberoan, and Batua or Unified Basque. Includes a grammar section, a list of common first names and their meanings, common last names incorporated as entries throughout the dictionary, and names of provinces and villages. Special attention has been given to works relating to modern language. Published by the University of Nevada Press. 1989. Shipping weight 2 lbs.

Basque-English, English-Basque Dictionary
by Linda White, Gorka Aulestia
This pocket-sized Basque-English, English-Basque dictionary was designed for a broad audience - students, teachers, people of Basque descent, and travelers - and contains definitions of the most commonly used Basque and English words. This compact softcover volume is the condensed version of the two larger dictionaries, Basque-English Dictionary and English-Basque Dictionary. These two comprehensive reference works were highly praised by critics and well received by the public. repared by two scholars of the Basque language, this streamlined volume is an indispensable aid for students, travelers, and those who need to translate quickly between Basque and English. The unified Batua dialect is emphasized.