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Happy Signs DVD from Language Tree
Happy Signs is a new video series designed to teach parents and their babies simplified American Sign Language. Infants and toddlers can utilize sign language to express their needs even when their speech isn't fully developed. This signing method has been shown to ease frustrations and tantrums as well as boost cognitive development. With Happy Signs, parents are better able to understand what their little ones want and need throughout the day and night. Help your baby or toddler communicate more effectively with Happy Signs: Day. Happy Signs allows your little one to clearly express his or her needs, thus easing the frustration that babies often feel when they are unable to convey their thoughts through speech. Teaches useful signs for day time: brushing teeth, eating, putting on clothes, etc., and features entertaining 3D animation together with adorable young actors, filled with fun music developed by a Hollywood composer, and including a quick reference guide of the signs. Happy Signs: Night smoothes the transition from day to night by improving communication between you and your baby or toddler. Happy Signs allows your little one to clearly express his or her needs, thus easing the frustration that babies often feel when they are unable to convey their thoughts through speech. Teaches useful signs for night time: bathing, reading, going to sleep, etc., and features entertaining 3D animation together with adorable young actors, and fun music developed by a Hollywood composer, and a quick reference guide of the signs. Based on American Sign Language, Happy Signs fun and easy for the whole family to learn.
Happy Signs: Day
Happy Signs: Night
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Baby's First Book of Signs
Want to teach your baby sign language and don’t know where to start? This sweet little electronic book depicts 124 basic words. Signs are shown in video and pictures. English equivalents (in print and audio), as well as concept graphics, are included. Categories covered include: Animals, Clothes, Colors, Food, and Toys. So easy to use–just click to turn each page. Volume 1 categories include: Animals, Clothes, Colors, Food, and Toys; Volume 2 categories include: Actions, Descriptions, Feelings, When, and Where; Volume 3 categories include: Alphabet, Numbers, Home, Outside, and People. Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, Pentium 2 300MHz, 64MB Ram, 16-bit color display, 800x600 pixels screen area, CD Drive. Buy all three Baby’s First Book of Signs CD’s for just $45!
Volume 1 $24.95  
Volume 2 $24.95  
Volume 3 $24.95  
All 3 Volumes

Paws Signs Stories CD-ROM with Books
This Codie award-winning computer software for children, contains five original stories and 15 educational games (three for each story) each signed in American Sign Language. The five stories in Paws Signs Stories are original, and utilize strategies found successful in teaching early reading skills, such as repeated phrases, patterned language, and predictable structure; each story also teaches important features of ASL. Each story has three games, each focusing on a different skill, such as visual memory, visual sequencing, literacy, spelling, math, and creativity. This version of Paws Signs Stories comes with five sturdy books, one for each story, with sign vocabulary from the stories is depicted in the back of each book. The storybooks won Best in Category for Excellence in Print by the Printing and Graphics Communications Association in 1998. Recommended for children, ages 3-7, and requires Win 95 and a Pentium 2 CPU or above.

Clouds: A Paws Science Adventure
Did you know that every type of cloud has unique characteristics? Join Pilot Paws as the Co-Pilot to explore this commonly seen but little understood sky phenomenon! Help! The astronaut is lost in space. Can Paws come to his rescue! Find out when you answer a question about cirrocumulus clouds correctly! Along with watching rescues, you can play different games. Try and see if you can pull all of the sailors out of the ocean. Their boat capsized and you do not have much time to rescue them! This fun-filled, yet informative, adventure shares startling cloud and weather facts, offers opportunities to test your knowledge, and rewards learning with exciting games and the chance to witness death-defying air rescues. All communication is both signed in ASL and spoken in English by Paws the Pilot. Read fascinating information about nine different types of clouds, and see photographs of them too! Then test your knowledge about clouds before you enter daring rescues or fun-filled games/activities. Windows CD-ROM.

SIGN-O: An American Sign Language Bingo Game
If you are a Bingo fan, you are going to love SIGN-O! SIGN-O is the most entertaining way yet to learn American Sign Language (ASL) or just plain have fun using the signs you already know. You can play with any of the 21 categories of words, like Food or Numbers, or with all of the over 3,000 signs. It.s so easy to play! When a sign video appears, click on the English word on the gameboard that matches it. If you can match all the words in a row in any direction, you win! Runs on Windows 2000, XP, Vista; Pentium III, 600 MHz (or equiv.); 683 MB hard drive space

ASL Songs for Kids-1 CD-ROM
The ASL Songs for Kids-1 CD-ROM presents six songs typically learned by young children-sung and signed! The songs shown are: The Wheels on the Bus, Happy Birthday, The Ants Go Marching, The Green Grass Grows All Around, Old MacDonald Had a Farm, and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. As the songs are sung, Paws the dog signs, and graphics convey the lyrics, as well as information about the notes and volume. In addition, each song is explained in ASL. The minimum installation requires Windows 98 SE, Pentium III or equivalent processor, 128 MB RAM, 1 MB of hard disk space , and a 16x speed CD-ROM drive; the full installation requires the above and 470 MB of hard disk space.

Good Night Moon ASL DVD
This American Sign Language series adds a new dimension to popular children's books. Brought to life with original music, voice and ASL, these stories help all children appreciate the richness of sign language. Goodnight Moon DVD has 3 stories: Goodnight Moon; A Creature Was Stirring; and Gladys Goes Out to Lunch. Goodnight Moon: First published in 1947, everyone's favorite bedtime book still works its magic on babies and toddlers everywhere. A Creature Was Stirring: 'TWAS THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS, and in this great house, the creature who stirred was a boy, not a mouse. And while upstairs his parents were dreaming and snoring, with Santa so close, sleep seemed pretty boring. Gladys Goes Out to Lunch: At the zoo Gladys eats bananas for breakfast, bananas for lunch, and even more bananas for dinner! But one day Gladys smells something even better than bananas. Could it be pizza? Ice cream? Or something altogether better.