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Sketch Grammar of Spoken Iraqi Arabic
Elizabeth M. Bergman, Eerik Dickinson
This outline or handbook describes the main features of the Spoken Iraqi Arabic (SIA) of Baghdad. It highlights features that distinguish this dialect from Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and may serve as a bridge between the learnerís knowledge of MSA and SIA. The book outlines the sound system of SIA, word-building processes, and phrase and sentence structure. The examples sited are authentic SIA. They are written in Arabic script as well as modified form of the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). The Spoken Iraqi Arabic in this book will be understood by most of the people who live in Baghdad and by those in the surrounding countryside, even if they speak a slightly different variety. 2005, 110 pages, softbound.

Yemeni Arabic Reference Grammar
Hamdi A. Qafisheh
This grammar focuses on the Arabic dialect spoken in Sanaa, the capital and largest city of the Republic of Yemen. Extensive fieldwork carried out over a period of five years provided numerous real-life examples to illustrate Yemeni phonology, morphology and syntax. The grammatical study is supplemented by dialect texts and proverbs, as well as a bibliography and a surver of the scholarly literature on this under-studied tongue. Thus, the work forms an idal introduction for students, teachers and linguists seeking to explore Yemeni Arabic. 1992, 308 pages, hardbound.

201 Arabic Verbs
Arabic verbs in alphabetical arrangement fully conjugated in all forms. All verb patterns in actual use represented. An index of verb patterns provides the key to the conjugation of nearly every verb in actual use today. Shipping weight 1 lb.