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Accelerated Learning Language Courses

Accelerated Learning Language Courses
These courses, available in French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, and Portuguese, are an excellent value on an exceptionally complete and thorough course using top quality materials. We believe these are the finest audio courses available in this price range.

Accelerated Learning Language Course
Accelerated Learning for Italian bundled with FSI Fast Italian Course (normally $199)

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Accelerated Learning Language Courses

Have you ever been at a loss for words? Unable to fully enjoy a vacation overseas because ordering the simplest dish on the menu became a struggle to make yourself understood? Or perhaps you've been at a business or career disadvantage because you weren't speaking the same language? Don't worry. If you speak your own native language reasonably well, you have all the gifts you'll ever need to learn another language. Learning a foreign language with Accelerated Learning is fun and interactive. You'll love it!

The Accelerated Learning method is a rich, multi-sensory "theater of the mind." All of your senses are involved so that learning a foreign language becomes as easy as your mother tongue.

As children we all learned to speak not just by listening but by seeing and doing. By imitating sounds, copying our parents' actions and associating the sounds with the actions speaking came naturally. With Accelerated Learning you learn your new language - Spanish, French, German or Italian - in exactly the same way that you learned your first language. Based on research from diverse experts in the field of education and psychology - from Bulgarian Georgi Lozanov who pioneered the use of Baroque music, to Howard Gardner of Harvard with his Theory of Multiple Intelligences - Accelerated Learning home study courses provide a wide variety of physical, visual and auditory stimulation. Because your whole brain is involved learning becomes faster, more enjoyable and much more effective.

The Accelerated Learning courses have been successfully used by students of all ages - at home, in schools and major corporations. In a British high school, 67% of the students learning German the Accelerated Learning way scored marks of 80% or more; only 10% learning the 'traditional' way achieved such high scores. One Australian high school condensed three years of French into just three months. At the end of a 12-day course a group of teachers and corporate trainers were speaking foreign languages at university entrance level. Major international companies are using the accelerated Learning methodology; most recently United Airlines chose the system for its international flight crews after reviewing everything in the marketplace.

Accelerated Learning uses the following components:

Visual Learning
In each course's handbook, the foreign language and the English language are printed side-by-side to help you absorb the words naturally and easily. Key phrases are vividly illustrated through "memory maps." When you recall the images, you recall the words.

Auditory Learning
You listen to a series of entertaining "radio plays" on 12 one-hour CDs.There are sequences you can practice in your car and segments where the story is repeated to music. This latter technique involves both the left brain (words and logic) and the right brain (music and creativity). The words become as easy to remember as the words of a song. You become involved in the storyline which keeps you motivated to progress to a remarkable level of fluency.

Physical Learning
By imitating the actions on a unique video and repeating the words superimposed on the TV screen you learn many key phrases quickly and easily.

Total Involvement
There are dozens of games and activities to get you using your new language in natural and entertaining ways. The "Name Game," for instance, unlocks the meaning of thousands of foreign words from the very first day. The learner is shown how he already knows (without realizing it) many words in a foreign language - and then is given simple rules for quickly building a huge vocabulary. With Accelerated Learning, the learner becomes immediately immersed in dialogue. Complicated grammar comes later. A multi-media combination engages your whole brain and gets you speaking confidently and quickly.

Each foreign language course contains:
  • the revolutionary physical learning DVD and booklet
  • 12 CDs (each 60 minutes long)
  • text book with memory maps
  • the "name game"
  • a series of word cards and games

Packages Available

Accelerated Learning Language Course

Accelerated Learning for Italian bundled with FSI Fast Italian Course (normally $199)