11 Romantic Happy Valentines Day Songs

Happy Valentines Day! Music is romantic and hey you may need something for this evening festivities. While one persons romantic song may be another persons doorstop, still we present some faves in they will hit the spot! Here’s the list videos are below. Have a suggestion? email and I may add it to our coming […]

Music Video from Friends

We now have over 10,000 friends and subscribers on our Multilingual Books YouTube channel http://www.youtube.com/multilingualbooks thank you all!!!   This post is devoted to you and your videos. First we present you with,   Naomi Druskic, age 12. Watch her play in the Chopin Competition Singapore. She plays with beauty and grace Nocturne B-minor,op.9 No 1. Naomi just friended us […]

Butterflies – Internet Radio Station Review –

  As part of running the Internet’s best radio directory we will review as many stations as we can for you. Butterflies radio is Sound And Vision’s first station review. Why?  Because of randomness and fate,  which are two thing we love about the internet.  Butterflies focuses on unique up and coming musicians. Indie music is […]

Old vs. New: Comparing Listening to an Album and Internet-Generated Playlists

  With all the new playlist-based sites becoming popular throughout the Web, especially within my circle of friends, I was pondering the old days when you could just pop in a CD and let it play through, enjoying the sound of the music as it progresses and evolves from song to song, as orchestrated by […]