Best Courses to Learn Cherokee

What are the best courses to learn Cherokee with?
Two courses are most popular. One is Introduction to Cherokee by Sam Hider, this course published by Various Indian Publications is nicely presented and quite useful it contains syllabary with pronunciation guide and writing guide, sentence structure, conversational phrases, food words, asking directions, numbers, months, days of the week, buying things and a 900 word glossary. Introduction to Cherokee contains a book in a three ring binder and two audio cd’s.

There is also a second level available Intermediate Cherokee

You can purchase here or by phone 800-609-6211

The next option and also a great one is Beginning Cherokee by Ruth Holmes. It also a book and 2 cd’s though no second level is available. The reviews on it are about 4/5 stars and it covers the Western Cherokee Dialect.
This is the publisher blurb on Beginning Cherokee. Those who do not have time to spare for organized study would often like to have a convenient source book on the Cherokee language and its syllabary. Beginning Cherokee was written to fill these needs.

Pro’s Introduction to Cherokee, better organized for class use
Cheaper, more levels, teacher guide available
Pro’s Beginning Cherokee
more focused on Western Cherokee, bigger book, more vocbulary

There is also some courses available for beginners only and focused on Western or Eastern cherokee.

Western Cherokee