Best Arabic Magazines

Arabic Magazines

Magazines are fun way to learn Arabic, while enjoying the rich culture. We have collected magazines for Palestine, Egypt, Syria, Jordan among others. Learn Arabic with our quality collection of Arabic Learning materials, listen to Arabic radio, and read bilingual children’s books in Arabic too.

Games4Arab: A review of gaming news

Al-Adab Magazine: Poetry, literature and culture

Arabiyat: Political and culture news from a woman’s perspective

Arabic Magazine: A Saudi literary magazine

Kaanin: A cultural quarterly

Echorouk: News from Algeria

Al Masry Al Youm: Egyptian and pan-Arabic news

Sabah El-Kheir: Egytian politics and culture

Alrai: News, sports and comics

Thouq: Kuwaiti shopping and fashion magazine

Jasad: A political magazine from Beirut

Al-Yaqza: Entertainment news from Kuwait

Al-Forqan: Islamic weekly from Kuwait

Al-: Kuwaiti cultural magazine

Lana: A cultural magazine for women

Al Arabi: A pan-Arabic cultural magazine

Majalla: A Saudi-owned political magazine based in London

Rotana: Pan-Arab arts and entertainment magazine

Arabian Business: International business and finance magazine

Orsati: Kuwaiti fashion and style

Anhaar: Arabic poetry and literature

Achabaka: An entertainment weekly

Snob: A woman’s monthly in Arabic and English

Aljaras: An entertainment magazine from Lebanon

Majid: Comics for children published in the UAE

Al-Shiraa: A political magazine from Lebanon

Al Mawad: A Lebanese social and entertainment magazine

Al Massira: A news weekly

Al Afkar: An in-depth news magazine published in Lebanon

Hia Arabia: A Moroccan women’s magazine

Al Ghorfa: Business magazine from the Omani Chamber of Commerce

Al Hourriah: Progressive political journal from Palesetine

Al Bayader: Palestinian political publication

Fares: A Palestinian magazine for kids

Al Jeel: A magazine for Palestinian youth

Aklaam: A cultural magazine from Palestine

Al Hadaf: Political news from Palestine and abroad\

Jamila: A women’s magazine from Qatar

Sayidaty: Saudi magazine covering women’s issues

ArRiyadiyah: Saudi and international sports coverage

V&E: Fashion and design magazine from Sudan

Aliqtisadi: Syrian business magazine

Al Rakemiat: Computer magazine from Syria

Maaber: Arabic culture magazine published in Syria

Al Iqtissadiya: Business and finance magazine from Syria

Al-Azmenah: News, business, sports and more from Syria

Mokarabat: Syrian political journal

Alef Today: Arabic literature and poems from Syria

Ahlan: Fashion, food and travel from the UAE

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Best Arabic Magazines