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Gabriel Garcia Marquez, who won the 1982 Nobel Prize in Literature, charmed and challenged anyone he met, found time to craft volumes of brilliant quotes, presented here in English and en español.

“What matters in life is not what happens to you but what you remember and how you remember it.”

It is not true that people stop pursuing dreams because they grow old, they grow old because they stop pursuing dreams.

“The problem with marriage is that it ends every night after making love, and it must be rebuilt every morning before breakfast.”

It always amuses me that the biggest praise for my work comes for the imagination, while the truth is that there’s not a single line in all my work that does not have a basis in reality. The problem is that Caribbean reality resembles the wildest imagination.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Ultimately, literature is nothing but carpentry. With both you are working with reality, a material just as hard as wood.


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The most important thing Paris gave me was a perspective on Latin America. It taught me the differences between Latin America and Europe and among the Latin American countries

The truth is that I know very few novelists who have been satisfied with the adaptation of their books for the screen.

Necessity has the face of a dog.

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La peor forma de extrañar a alguien es estar sentado a su lado y saber que nunca lo podrás tener.

El secreto de una buena vejez no es otra cosa que un pacto honrado con la soledad.

Así es -suspiró el coronel-. La vida es la cosa mejor que se ha inventado.

Creo que las mujeres sostienen el mundo en vilo, para que no se desbarate mientras los hombres tratan de empujar la historia. Al final, uno se pregunta cuál de las dos cosas será la menos sensata.


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