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दूर के ढोल सुहावने लगते हैं
The drums sound better at a distance.

एक् और एक् ग्यारह् हॊते है
Transliteration: ek aur ek gyarah hote hei
Literal: One and one make eleven
Meaning: Unity is strength.

जल में रहकर मगर से बैर ठीक नहीं
You should not have enmity with the crocodile if you are living in the water

हाथों की लकीरों पर बराबर विश्वास नही करना चाहिए क्योंकि तक़दीर तो उनकी भी होती है जिनके हाथ नही होते
Transliteration: hathon ki lakiron par barabar vishvas nahi karna cahiye kyonki takkdir to unki bhi hoti hai jinake hath nahi hote
Literal: Your future does not depend on the lines of your hands, because people who do not have hands also have a future.
Meaning: it is better to do your work than to be superstitious and wait for the right time.

आ बैल मुझे मार
Transliteration: aa bael mujhe mar
Literal: inviting the bull to hit you
Meaning: to get yourself into trouble, usually used to describe an act of stupidity.

जंगल में मोर नाचा किस ने देखा ?
Who saw a peacock dance in the woods?

पुरानी आदत मुशकिल से मरती है
Transliteration: purane aadhath mushkil se marthi hai
Meaning: old habits die hard

आया है सॊ जायेगा राजा रंक फकीर
Transliteration aaya hai so jayega raja runk phakira
Meaning Whoever is born will die, be it a king or a beggar.

जान है तो जहान है
(If) there’s life, then there’s the world.

इस् हाथ् दे उस् हाथ् ले
Transliteration: is hath de us hath le
Meaning: to make an even deal.

जैसे को तैसा!
Transliteration jaise ko taisa!
English equivalent tit for tat.

जिस की लाठी उस की भैंस
Whoever owns the lathi (a huge cane/stick) owns the buffalo

तुम जिहजारों साल,साल के दिन हो पचास हजार
Transliteration: tum jiyo hajaron saal,saal ke din ho pachhas hajar
Literal: may you live a thousand years and may each year have a fifty thousand days.
Meaning: may you live a long life.

अब पछताए होत क्या जब चिड़िया चुग गई खेत
What is the use of crying when the birds ate the whole farm?

शक का इलाज तो हकीम लुक़्मान के पास भी नहीं था
Transliteration: Sak ka ilaj to hakim lukxman ke pas Bi nahim tha
Meaning: doubt has no cure. Or famous ancient doctor Luqman was not able to cure stupid thought.

दूर के ढोल सुहावने लगते हैं
Transliteration: dur ke dhol suhavane lagate hain
Literal: the drums sound better at a distance.
Meaning: We tend to like the ones we do not have.
English equivalent: All that glitters is not gold. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

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नाच न जाने, आँगन ठेढ़ा
Knows no dance, claims the stage is tilted.

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Hindi Sayings in English