Russian Magazines

Russia is where my grandma and Gary Kasparov came from, magazines in Russian also come from there which is why you can find a bunch of great ones below. Hurry and read them before Putin shuts them all down. Want to learn Russian? Your in the right place.

Cosmopolitan: Fashion and style

64: A chess magazine from the land of chessmasters

Expert: Russian business and finance

Game Navigator: The source for Russian gamers

Igro Mania: The latest in video and computer games

Journalist: Coverage of the Russian media

Murzika: A magazine and website for kids

Ogoniok: First printed in 1899, it is one of the oldest illustrated magazines in Russia

Florida Russian: Serving the Russian community in Florida

Nauka i Zhizn: A Russsian science magazine

Kvir: A magazine for the Russian gay community

Rolling Stone: The famous music magazine in Russian

Korrespondent: A weekly news magazine published in Ukraine

Yunost: A long-standing Russian literary magazine

Esli: A Russian science fiction magazine

Vokrug sveta: Meaning “Around the World” , this geographical magazine is the oldest and one of the most popular magazines in Russia

Yeralash: A comedy magazine for youngsters

Zvezda: A Russian literary magazine

Darker: Horror, dark music, comics and video games

InRock: Covering the Russian rock scene

Zhizn: Gossip and celeb news

Gameplay: A Russian gamer mag published in Ukraine

Rodina: A Russian popular science magazine

Iskusstvo: An art monthly

TV Park: Full listings of everything on television

Magezeta: A Russian magazine that covers China and Chinese culture

Vostochnaya Kollektsiya: An illustrated scientific quarterly

Kvant: A math and physics magazine for students and teachers

Mir Fantastikia: A monthly fantasy and science fiction magazine

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Russian Magazines