Finnish Quotes and Proverbs

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“Aamun torkku, illan virkku, se tapa talon hävittää.”
“Asleep in the morning, Awake all evening; this is the way to lose a house.”
“Sleeping in and staying up late; this habit will run down your household.”

“Ahkeruus kovan onnen voittaa.”
“Diligence vanquishes hard luck.”
Keep at it and you will succeed.
“You can’t keep a good man down.”


“Aina on oksan ottajia, kun on kuusen kantajia.”
“Always exist branch grabbers, when exist fir-tree haulers.”
“If there is someone to haul the fir-tree, there shall be no shortage of those willing to hold a branch to help.”

“Aina roiskuu kun rapataan.” / “Rapatessa roiskuu.”
“There will always be splatter when mortar is spread.”
Mishaps happen when you work, it is in the nature of things.
“Shit happens” or “You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs.”

“Akka otetaan, mies annetaan.”
“A woman is taken, a man given.”

“Alku aina hankala, lopussa kiitos seisoo.”
“The beginning is always difficult, in the end stands the thank.”
A good result follows from efforts.
“All’s well, that ends well.”

“Antaa vahingon kiertää.”
“Let the mishap circulate.”
“Pass the misfortune/mistake on.”

“Ei halu halaamalla lähde.”
“Hugs won’t remove the desire.”
“Desire won’t fade with embraces.”

Finnish Alphabet & Pronunciation (Part 1 of 2)

“Ei haukku haavaa tee.”
“A bark does not wound.”
“Words do not physically hurt.”
“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.”

“Eihän rahaa tarvita kuin velan maksuun.”
Translation: “Money is only needed to pay back a debt.”
“Ei se mikään ruusu ole mutta kukkiihan se perunakin.”
“It’s not a rose but even potatoes bloom too.”

“Ei kannata mennä merta edemmäs kalaan.”
“One should not go farther than the sea to fish.”
One should only do what’s necessary, or one should not search high and low for something that is in front of them.
“No use on carrying coals to Newcastle”