Which EDM genre is trending now?

daft punk legoWith so many new genres it is hard to know which one are people searching for? We consider 5 major genres in the first chart,

Dubstep, Trap, EDM which is Electronic Dance Music, House music, one of the original genres– based on a 4/4 beat and Chicago based, Trance music which is built on Indian Rhythms, consisting of very creative sounds, melodies and powerful beats.

We then put all the music into the wizard (AKA) Google trends and ask Google, “Which oh powerful one is the most searched for Electronic music genre?

The Results are…. House wins. Dubstep after taking the lead in 2012 has fallen into second, trap is coming up, and trance and EDM are about tied. Reality is EDM is ahead of trance now, hopefully this will change.

And for you enjoyment we pick one video for each type of music.

Electronic Dance Music -EDM

House – Derrick Carter

Dub-step Blue Foundation – Eyes On Fire (Zeds Dead Remix)

Trance – Positive Psynergy ? (Progressive Psytrance mix 2014)

Trap – Bob Marley Remix


Which EDM genre