More New Music and What’s your Favorite Radio Station

Listening to my son’s awesome youtube channel at which of course gives me some ideas for songs to post If you don’t already know about our awesome radio guide please visit it, it has thousands of station from around the world. Tell us about your favorites radio-stations! since we are writing reveiws currently on […]

Mad World by Gary Jules Donnie Darko Theme

Mad World               One of the most beautiful songs ever comes in many flavors.                The Gary Jules version is amazing, this video does it justice.   If you have ever seen Donny Darko you can begin to understand […]

Old vs. New: Comparing Listening to an Album and Internet-Generated Playlists

  With all the new playlist-based sites becoming popular throughout the Web, especially within my circle of friends, I was pondering the old days when you could just pop in a CD and let it play through, enjoying the sound of the music as it progresses and evolves from song to song, as orchestrated by […]