Spanish Sayings With English Translation

    Spanish Sayings With English Translation La dicha de la fea, la linda de la desea .  Translation: The fortune of the ugly is something the beautiful wants. English equivalent: Handsome is that handsome does. Sólo se tiran piedras al árbol cargado de fruto. Only rocks are being thrown at the tree which bears fruit.if […]

kellin quinn birthday, quotes, songs, video and pics

Waking up to your daughter singing to you is a pretty amazing experience #justlikedaddy — Kellin Quinn (@Kellinquinn) April 18, 2014 kellin quinn birthday, quotes, songs, video and pics “Wrists are for bracelets, not cutting” “No matter how much life sucks sometimes, there’s always some kind of escape. And mine just so happens to be music” “You […]

Basque quotes with english translation

Bihotzean dagoena, mihira irten. Translation: What is in the heart, comes to the tongue. English equivalent: The tongue ever turns to the aching tooth. Astoari ezin mendeka, mendeka albardari. Translation: Not able to take revenge on the donkey, take it out on the saddle. Untsa habiatu den lana, erdi akabirik. Translation: Well begun, is half […]