Top 100 Languages by Population

Top 100 Languages by Population Rank Language Name Primary Country Population 1 CHINESE, MANDARIN China 885,000,000 2 SPANISH Spain 332,000,000 3 ENGLISH United Kingdom 322,000,000 4 BENGALI Bangladesh 189,000,000 5 HINDI India 182,000,000 6 PORTUGUESE Portugal 170,000,000 7 RUSSIAN Russia 170,000,000 8 JAPANESE Japan 125,000,000 9 GERMAN, STANDARD Germany 98,000,000 10 CHINESE, WU China 77,175,000 […]

Best Spanish Dessert Recipes

Flan is so delicious! Churros Mantecados Sopapilla Cheesecake Pie Enjoy our Spanish resources. Listen to Spanish Radio, Watch Television in Spanish, Read bilingual children’s books in Spanish, or try our free Spanish quiz and check out the world’s best Spanish course Platiquemos free. Tres Leches (Milk Cake) Bunuelos de Viento Spanish Hazelnut Custard Empanada Mexican […]

8 Best Foreign Harlem Shake Videos

The Harlem Shake is the latest coolest musical trend. People from all over the world are getting into the act, creating fun, frantic videos, all within the framework of the Harlem Shake. For more fun Harlem shake videos visit our sister site. Cleary British Kpop Harlem Shake Japanese style Harlem Shake v3 ( MEXICAN EDITION […]