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Russian has a rich storytelling tradition going back even before Pushkin, and continuing with modern geniuses, such as Vyacheslav Kotyonochkin, producer at the Soyuzmultfilm studio in Moscow. They helped bring back Puppet animation in 1953 when a puppet division was launched at Soyuzmultfilm. Boris Degtyarev, directed young animators and recovered the knowledge that had been lost since the time of Aleksandr Ptushko. Vadim Kurchevskiy and Nikolay Serebryakov, were brilliant and instrumental as well. Included for you are two playlists of Russian cartoons, one subtitled and one with pure Russian. Do you know we have Russia Radio and Television guides too?

Shuriken School (RUS) – 16 Funny Chick – ?????? ??????

Russian Cartoons and Animations

Shuriken School (RUS) – 06 Lousy Labyrinth – ????????? ????????

Russian Cartoon Playlist with Sub-titles

Seryi Volk & Krasnaya Shapochka
Shakespeare: The Animated Tales
The Snow Queen (1957 film)
S cont.
The Snow Queen (2012 film)
Space Dogs
The Tale of Soldier Fedot, The Daring Fellow
The Newcomer in The Cabbage
The Twelve Months (1956 film)
There Lived Kozyavin
Vaniusha and The Giant
Vaniusha and The Space Pirate
Vaniusha The Newcomer
Vinni Pukh
The Wild Swans (film)

Kikoriki (animated series)
Masha and the Bear
Nu, pogodi!

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