Top Ten Bob Marley Remixes

Bob Marley is my hero, plain and simple. Bob is the one that created reggae, the one that lived and breathed freedom sensuality, musical genius, friendship, and always strived for the beauty in life.

Three Little Birds – Bob Marley Legend

Dhy-lan: One Love (Trap Remix)

This mash-up up cover is amazing as are the rest of the music below. The cool thing about remixing Marley’s music is that the music is so rich so full it allows for playful interchange and lots of new twists.

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“Life is one big road with lots of signs. Bob Marley Remixes So when you riding through the ruts, don’t complicate your mind. Flee from hate, mischief and jealousy. Don’t bury your thoughts, put your vision to reality. Wake Up and Live!”
― Bob Marley

bobmarleyBob Marley voice is resonate and thus great for remixing. Plus Bob just never seems to get old, still hearing the new versions is fun and if you love EDM, Dub-step, House and Hip-hop you have a treat in store, so no reason to Wait in Vain lets get mixing. For Reggae radio and more reggae video playlists, visit our Reggae page at MusicsRadio And check out Reggae Diva Tanya Stephens

Bob Marley Full Album Mix In Dub – ‎Bill Laswell Reggae Remix -Brilliant Album

From a recent Bob Marley photography show

From a recent Bob Marley photography show

Bob Marley

Bob Marley

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Waiting in Vain dub And now a hiphop take on Waiting in Vain Benny Benassi re does Jamming.

bob marley songs


Bob Marley Remixes



  1. Stir It Up” (from Catch a Fire)
  2. Get Up, Stand Up” (from Burnin’)
  3. I Shot the Sheriff” (from Burnin’)
  4. Lively Up Yourself” (from Natty Dread)
  5. No Woman, No Cry” [Live] (from Live!)
  6. Roots, Rock, Reggae” (from Rastaman Vibration)
  7. Exodus” [Single Version] (from Exodus)
  8. Jamming” (from Exodus)
  9. Waiting in Vain” (from Exodus)
  10. Three Little Birds” (from Exodus)
  11. Turn Your Lights Down Low” (from Exodus)
  12. One Love/People Get Ready” (from Exodus)
  13. Is This Love” (from Kaya)
  14. Sun Is Shining” (from Kaya)
  15. So Much Trouble in the World” (from Survival)
  16. Could You Be Loved” (from Uprising)
  17. Redemption Song” [Band Version] (original version on Uprising)
  18. Buffalo Soldier” [Single Version] (from Confrontation)
  19. Iron Lion Zion” (from Natural Mystic: The Legend Lives On)
  20. “I Know a Place” [Single Remix] (Previously Unreleased)

Disc Two[edit]

  1. “Concrete Jungle” (from Catch a Fire)
  2. “Burnin’ and Lootin'” (from Burnin’)
  3. “Rebel Music (3 O’Clock Roadblock)” (from Natty Dread)
  4. Jah Live” (from Jah Live single)
  5. “Positive Vibration” (from Rastaman Vibration)
  6. “Smile Jamaica” (from Iron Lion Zion single)
  7. “Natural Mystic” (from Exodus)
  8. Punky Reggae Party” (from Jamming single)
  9. “Satisfy My Soul” (from Kaya)
  10. “Africa Unite” (from Survival)
  11. “Coming In from the Cold” (from Uprising)
  12. “Rastaman Live Up!” (from Confrontation)
  13. “Who Colt the Game” (Previously Unreleased)

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