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Poland is a land of knowledge
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I cyprysy maja swoje kaprysy.
Every fool is pleased with his own folly.

Jak sobie pościelesz, tak się wyśpisz.
You rest the way you have made your bed.
As ye sow, so shall ye reap.

Jaki do jedzenia, taki do roboty.
Quick at meat, quick at work.

Jaki ojciec, taki syn.
As the father goes ahead, so he is followed by his son.
Like father, like son.

Jak dają, to bierz.
Seize the offer. When the pig is proffered, hold up the poke.
We should accept the offers that has been given us.

Kto czeka, ten się doczeka.
English equivalent. He that can have patience can have what he will.
Patience is a remedy for every sorrow.

Kto dwa zające goni, żadnego nie złapie.
English equivalent: Grasp all, lose all

Kto ma żytko, ma wszystko.
Plough deep while sluggards sleep, and you will have corn to sell and keep.

Nie pytaj starego, pytaj bywałego.
Do not ask the old – ask an experienced.
Na pochyłe drzewo wszystkie kozy skaczą.

Translation: All goats jump onto leaning trees
Meaning: If you leave yourself open to abuse, others will abuse you.
English equivalent: If you turn yourself into a doormat, everyone will walk over you.

Nic nowego pod słońcem.
Nothing is new (under the sun).
Absolutely everything has been done before.

Nie dziel skóry na niedźwiedziu.
Don’t share the skin while it’s still on the bear

Prawda w winie.
There is truth in the vine.
In wine there is truth.
Alcohol consumed removes the inhibition against telling the truth that occasionally one would like to keep secret.

cowsKto buja wysoko, bywa próżny.
It is not the cow that shouts the loudest that gives the most milk (French).
It is not he who advertises for himself the most that can achieve the greatest results..

Prosta droga najkrótsza.
Fortune favors the bold.

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