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Butterflies Sound Good.

As part of running the Internet’s best radio directory we will review as many stations as we can for you.

Butterflies radio is Sound And Vision’s first station review. Why?  Because of randomness and fate,  which are two thing we love about the internet.  Butterflies focuses on unique up and coming musicians. Indie music is the feature of Butterflies Radio that makes it fun and exciting listening. Most songs were new to me, a lovely concept after years of radio playlist repetitiveness. If you like Beck, MGMT, The Postal Service  you will love this station.

We will give Butterflies Radio eight stars out of ten.

Tuesday is request day, so if you want to hear your favorite song, give them a shout. (send them an email)

Butterflies Radio  http://www.butterfliesradio.com/home

Multilingual Radio Directory  http://multilingualbooks.com/online-radio.html


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Review Bonus Feature-

Andy Shaw Band – We All Belong

Is the track that was playing  on  Butterflies radio as I finished this review.




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