Old vs. New: Comparing Listening to an Album and Internet-Generated Playlists



Old School Record Player

With all the new playlist-based sites becoming popular throughout the Web, especially within my circle of friends, I was pondering the old days when you could just pop in a CD and let it play through, enjoying the sound of the music as it progresses and evolves from song to song, as orchestrated by the musicians. Sometimes putting the best song first, sometimes as a bewildering Track #9, but what was important was that you experienced it as the artist chose to lay it out in the first place, meaning you listened to the very best songs and the not-so-good ones–some smart guy might say “through thick and thin.”

YouTube, Pandora, and Internet radio sites such as MultilingualRadio that stream sets of playlists are great for learning about fresh types of music as well as discovering new and upcoming artists that you wouldn’t have found out about in any other way. The Internet is randomness at its finest, compared to albums, which are very particular to a certain stage in a musician’s career. The degree of randomness of different sites like Pandora and sound cloud has grown even larger in the last year or so, and my inner compass is having trouble deciding if it’s a good thing to be branching out and listening to new music, or if i already know what good music sounds like and should keep on listening to the same legends on the same LP’s.

Anyway, those are my thoughts on that particular issue. In my next blog I will explore the different pros and cons of listening to music independently or sharing the beautiful experience with others.

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