This Week in Language News, June 27, 2012

We have been writing a lot in past weeks about languages on the verge of extinction. This week, these languages received a boost on the most precious piece of Internet real estate one could possibly imagine: a link on Google’s homepage. The Web powerhouse has launched the Endangered Languages Project, an endeavor to support, teach […]

Good News Around the World and on this Site

Good news is what makes the world go round. The latest invention, a new word, a good act, free language courses. Today’s good news comes from an excellent Seattle Times article about Jefferson Award winner Cindy Nofziger, who has built 12 schools in war-torn Sierra Leone. Cindy is a physical therapist for Seattle Public Schools […]

Multilingual Books Now Accepts Advertising

Multilingual Books receives over 4,500,000 page views a year, and ranks 8th in the world for internet traffic for bookstores, according to and now you may advertise directly to these amazing people. The viewers of this site are geniuses that enjoy languages, travel, music and culture, and in general are highly educated and engaging […]