10 Fantastic Presents for Language Learners for the Holiday or Anytime

Give the gift of language this year. Open up and explore the world at www.multilingualbooks.com Here are the Top Ten holiday language presents for 2011. 1. iPod-to-Go. And iPod complete with a Foreign Service or Linguaphone course of your choice preloaded onto an iPod or iPod Touch. Read how to get yours.   2. Platiquemos […]

Vidioms ESL and new Readers to Download

Since ESL students often want to learn every-day English after they have mastered the basics, we offer products focused on slang and the cool Vidioms slang DVD series. We have some free samples of Vidioms below. Vidioms producer John Chabot publishes tons of great language learning products. You can download these for a very reasonable […]

Shakespeare Festival in 37 Languages

Shakespeare in 37 languages is going to be presented by Globe to Globe in 2012. Revelling in the vast array of communities and languages that make-up London’s vibrant cultural landscape, 37 international companies will present every one of Shakespeare’s plays in a different language over six weeks.  Shakespeare classics Romeo and Juliet and Macbeth will be among the plays featured.   Tickets will […]

Free Resources for Language Teachers and Students

Where do you find resources to teach and learn a language? www.multilingualbooks.com  has more free resources than any other website. Some other great sites are  http://www.ethnologue.com and www.travlang.com Let’s look at some common and unique needs, and send you to where you need to go. Free lessons and Downloads: http://multilingualbooks.com/freelessons.html and http://www.travlang.com/iloveyou.html Are two great […]