Children with I-pads are worse with language– Cohen Children’s Medical Center Study Show

It makes sense that children sitting in front of a screen instead of talking to their children would do worse in a a study, the only surprise is how much worse these kids actually do. Really it is just balance, to much screen time means less talking time, and only through talking and listening can […]

Free Digital Language Courses for Libraries

Multilingual Books Offers U.S. Libraries $1,000,000 in Free Language Downloads! (January 12, 2012) Libraries today received a gift as Multilingual Books announced that it will give away 20,000 free language courses valued at $1,000,000 to libraries throughout the United States and the world. To qualify, just call, or email us the titles you want, or […]

Multilingual Books Now Accepts Advertising

Multilingual Books receives over 4,500,000 page views a year, and ranks 8th in the world for internet traffic for bookstores, according to and now you may advertise directly to these amazing people. The viewers of this site are geniuses that enjoy languages, travel, music and culture, and in general are highly educated and engaging […]

10 Fantastic Presents for Language Learners for the Holiday or Anytime

Give the gift of language this year. Open up and explore the world at Here are the Top Ten holiday language presents for 2011. 1. iPod-to-Go. And iPod complete with a Foreign Service or Linguaphone course of your choice preloaded onto an iPod or iPod Touch. Read how to get yours.   2. Platiquemos […]

Cartoons for Kids and Adults

Want a fun way to introduce language to your children? Look no further than the world’s first foreign language cartoon blog. Here you can find the Jungle Book in French, Spanish, 101 Dalmatians in German, watch Tin Tin in French, English, and other languages. You will also watch Anime and quirky cartoons from around […]