Internet acronyms and Text Shortcuts 2014

MPiRe - slang21. IMO In My Opinion
2. SMEXI Smart and Sexy
3. :3 Cute/goofy face
4. KML Killing Myself Laughing
5. GOMB Get Off My Back
6. KOTL Kiss On The Lips
7. SEO Search Engine Optimization
8. KOS Kill On Sight

A video explaining the basics of text abbreviations and slang.

9. SIS Sister
10. DELISH Delicious
11. DLC Downloadable Content
12. FOTM Flavor Of The Month
13. GIF Graphics Interchange Format – Picture Format
14. MRW My Reaction When…
15. AFFA Angels Forever, Forever Angels
17. SIAP Sorry If Already Posted
18. CSA Cheap Shot Artist

19. HWP Height Weight Proportional
20. TIE Take It Easy
21. DANK Very potent marijuana
Incredibly good, awesome
22. BET Black Entertainment Television
23. UG Ugly
24. ADN Any Day Now
25. PENG Good looking person
26. ST Something
27. TMI Too Much Information
28. JC Jesus Christ
Just Curious
Just Chilling
29. CHEESY Corny, lame
30. WU What’s Up
31. AI Artificial Intelligence
As If
32. TWHS That’s What He Said
33. TTYL Talk To You Later
34. XYZ Examine Your Zipper
35. IMHO In My Humble Opinion
36. X3 Cute face
37. IDRK I Don’t Really Know
38. ACAPELLA Vocal music without instruments
39. YG Young Gangster
40. OEM Original Equipment Manufacurer
41. DUNNO Don’t Know
42. WBY What (A)bout You?
43. AMIRITE Am I Right?
44. GOLD DIGGER Person who loves someone just for their money
45. LOOL Laughing Outlandishly Out Loud
46. WWWY What’s Wrong With You?
47. WBU What About You?
48. WYL Whatever You Like
49. WYM Watch Your Mouth
What You Mean?
50. JW Just Wondering

And if you enjoy comedy, here is a comedy about texting.

Internet acronyms and Text Shortcuts 2014

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