Interview with Morgan Spurlock – Comic-Con Movie release

Morgan Spurlock is one of my heroes, and Stan Lee is one of his. Two months ago, I never imagined I would be speaking to him about his amazing new film, Comic Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope. Two years ago, Spurlock never imagined that he would receive the support of the legendary Mr. Lee to make the movie, a sure-fire hit about seven die-hard Comic Con fans and their trip to the renowned annual convention.

“Comics have always been a passion of mine,” Spurlock told me when I asked why he was making a film about Comic Con after such a “weighty” work as Super Size Me.

Spurlock’s delicate touch allows love stories and comics to mix well in his ode to the San Diego extravaganza. Each story is compelling on its own, and is brilliantly woven together with the others for the viewers’ enjoyment. I found one storyline about a comic store owner whose business is making the switch to digital particularly poignant – especially as I have encountered the same issues with my bookstore.

Recently I saw The Greatest Movie Ever Sold in which Spurlock investigates the age-old art of product placement in films — while funding the movie entirely through product placement. I was humored when another reporter asked if there was any product placement in Comic Con. “Yes, there was, he answered — by Marvel Comics. (Note: I received $000,000$ for this plug)

Despite the funding, or perhaps partly because of it, Comic Con is an entertaining and uplifting movie. As a big fan of his work, it is a relief to see him not having to eat unhealthy food or peddle products to fund his movie. Without question he is a brilliant documentary maker, and filmgoers will not regret viewing his latest cinematic creation.

As a large number of visitors to the Multilingual Books website reside outside the United States, I wanted to know if he was planning to distribute the film around the globe.

“Plans are underway to release the film internationally very soon,” he assured me.

Go see Comic-Con you will be glad you did.

Kenneth Tomkins

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