10 Fantastic Presents for Language Learners for the Holiday or Anytime

Give the gift of language this year. Open up and explore the world at www.multilingualbooks.com
Here are the Top Ten holiday language presents for 2011.

1. iPod-to-Go. And iPod complete with a Foreign Service or Linguaphone course of your choice preloaded onto an iPod or iPod Touch.
Read how to get yours.

2. Platiquemos Spanish Course. You can download or have us email a download to your Spanish learner. The best Spanish course is also available in book and cd form. See why: about.com and secretary of state Lawrence Eagle both think this is the best way to learn Spanish. Free Samples and ordering information.

3. Standard Deviants Deluxe DVD Packages. The full 10-DVD course for Spanish, Italian, French, and English is now $50 off. Starter packs for only $49!

4. Tin Tin DVD and Books. We have these for French, English, and Spanish. If you liked the movie, will love these books and DVDs. You can order the whole set and make your Tin Tin fan as happy as a Tibetan.

5. Tell Me More Software is the most advanced language training program available. Its advanced speech recognition technology allows learners to engage in real-life dialogues and conversations. Learn English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Japanese,
Chinese, Arabic, or Dutch, Learn More Now.

6. Little Pim DVDs for children. A great way to start your child out with language learning. Multiple studies have shown the many benefits of a child learning a foreign language. Start your child or grandchild with this fun and effective series.

7. Power-Glide courses for children. Good for beginning and intermediate students, Power-Glide courses use books and audio to teach languages to children of all ages. Power-Glide has been used by many home-schoolers and is a quality series that children love. 

8. Muzzy. A great and effective DVD series, Muzzy is loved by children worldwide. Now available in Portuguese, Spanish, ESL, French, Italian, German, and Russian. Make a Muzzy fan happy here

9. Eurotalk software is friendly, fun, and affordable! Eurotalk products come in over 100 languages, including Klingon. So give the gift of any language this holiday season! http://multilingualbooks.com/talknow.html

10. $25 language downloads. Give a $200 value for only $25! We now offer complete courses for French, Spanish, Thai, and 20 other languages for only $25. See …. http://multilingualbooks.com/downloads.html for the complete list.

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