Italy Shutters Italian Wikipedia

The Italian Prime Minster wants to shut down the Italian version of Wikipedia with a new law that basically reduces the rights of Italians to free speech.
The law is known as the “Wiretapping Act” and reminds me of the Bush-era law that has been used to limit free speech and other rights in the United States. While the Internet has helped bring information, entertainment, and news to all, some seem to want to stop its spread.
For instance, when the protests started in Egypt last year, the Internet was shut down there. Libya tried to shut down media when protests started. And after the riots in England, the British prime minster and others asked Twitter and Facebook to shut down their services when asked.
It’s scary that the Italian prime minsister is joining China in trying to shut down Wikipedia in his country.
Really, Berlusconi. Are your serious?
    “It is time for all to join in peacefully asking our leaders for the rights we are                                 supposed  to enjoy as members of democracratic countries.  Thank you.”
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