Movie and Cartoon Trailers for Children in Spanish

Curious which cartoons and childrens movies are available in Spanish? Now you can preview and watch clips from some of the best movies avialable for Spanish such as Star Wars and Penguins of Madagascar.

“Los pingüinos de Madagascar” (The Penguins of Madagascar) – Trailer en español

Star Wars: Los Últimos Jedi – Nuevo Tráiler Oficial en español | HD

JUSTICE LEAGUE Final Trailer Español (Extendido) 2017

A clip from Toy Story Robot chicken in Spanish (castellano)-

Cars-Toons – El Materdor A clip from the popular Cars series.

Spanish audio book of Harry Potter in Spanish
Harry Potter y la Piedra Filosofal audiolibro

You can watch the trailers for Harry Potter in spanish or buy the book series at —> Multilingual Book Shop


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